A new day in this Life.....

Good morning full of Light and illusion for Life…

A new day in this Life….

Full gratitude, Grateful to be able to receive another day and give me the possibility to see my Wonderful imperfections (fears, protests, judgments, selfishness …..) to be able to transform them…. 

Two ways to Live The Life; 

1- Complaining, protesting, blaming me or blaming others for MY bad feelings (and for being mine only I can transform them, others cannot change them for my well-being…)

2- THANKFUL for everything that happens in my Life, and taking responsibility for everything that I can and through me the change I want in the situation and to not depend on third persons or situations….

This fills me with illusion to Live a new day!!!

Especially those days or moments more difficult, dark… they are the ones that give me the most opportunity to perceive my imperfections and transform them and so evolve as a human being… 


-For all of those that are living a difficult and hard moment in their lives, my deepest Hug full of Respect Understanding and LOVE understanding how difficult it is to see it with Gratitude when we are so bad…

Let me close my eyes Love you Hug you Understand you Accompany you in your moment….. but even more do it yourself with yourself 

Love yourself and Respect yourself, close your eyes for a few seconds or minutes and let it out, observing it without judgment, your anger, rage, feeling of injustice, heavy, pain… but just watching it and imagine that its taking off and leaving you and meanwhile understand that it is the necessary process for it come out from within you and and how much damage it did to you….

And after imagine caressing yourself with love drying your tears and hugging you even using your physical arms, self hugging yourself….

If we realize we can only take out or expel or share what we have. 

A bottle full of water mixed with lemon juice and honey can only come out in three things: Water, Lemon and Honey. 

And a bottle full of petrol, nails and sand can only come out: Petrol, nails and sand. 

Each one of us is a bottle that depending on how we fill it is what will bring us our lives!!!

That’s why fill your bottle with LOVE- Be through respect towards yourself Acceptation and Thankfulness and the Life will respond according to it!!!

If you allow me let me Love you with the LOVE that I go incorporating in my bottle….. 

Amor & Paz 


Ps; I have closed my eyes to finish to write and I have heard acceptance and compassion and I have felt so much love towards my being and my imperfections… the tears are part of my imperfections leaving LOVE and understanding in its place towards myself…

I felt to share it with you in case you want to do it everyday, start the day Loving yourself and Respecting yourself for the Divine and Wonderful Human Being that you are!!!


How do we live our lives?

………………Most people would probably agree that Life is the most important and precious thing we have, since without it everything that surrounds us or everything we love wouldn’t exist. And if this is so, how do you live, what is the most important thing in your life (as its called your life)?

What I put forward here is nothing more than sharing what I feel, after a reflection on things and what I believe helps me personally. I share it with you with the maximum amount of Respect and Affection without pretending to teach you anything.

As we know already, the Human Being is a physical body that is home to a Soul, Spirit or energy. On one side we have the body which is stimulated through the 5 senses, which we wish to be as pleasant as possible.

And on the other side, we have an energy body Soul or Spirit (however you feel most comfortable in calling it or understanding it) which is the deepest most intimate part of our Being……

And so, coming back to the question “How do you live your Life”??

If we observe ourselves introspectively with honesty and sincerity we will probably see that we spend a huge amount of our time trying to stimulate our 5 senses. If this is the case, we can see that the ego will put itself at the head of our actions like a director or captain and will constantly look for action, things, objects, people…. to “nurture” or feed the 5 senses, almost as if it were taking a drug or totally addicted. Every time it needs more of these things or objects and with greater intensity, which makes us a slave to them and pushes us to live exclusively for them.

But in saying that, everyone has lived the amazing feeling we get when we do something for another person, however small it may be, maybe helping an elderly person to cross the road or unintentionally having shared something with someone in a conversation that they really appreciated and even greater things!!! 

Remember the feeling that it produced in you? How good you felt right? Also when we love someone close to us (like a son or daughter, or workmate or friend…) we can feel or recognize it right? This is when the Soul, Being or Spirit is being nourished…..

This feeling is incomparable to any other feeling you could get through one of your 5 senses, right? 

And so if this is true, wouldn’t it be a good idea to do things so that the Soul can receive nourishment and vibrate making us feel amazingly good???

Lets overview the last week and see how many things i did for my ego, feeding my 5 senses and how many acts of LOVE I had towards myself or others around….without judging ourselves, only observing with LOVE…..

We wish to see things how we want instead of LOVING and respecting everything as it is.

We wish to LISTEN to what we want to hear, and like, and if not we get angry, instead of LOVING (RESPECTING and ACCEPTING) what one says to us even though we might not agree with it….. Its like this with an infinite amount of things!!! How are we ever going to be in Peace and Harmony???

It’s a daily fight to try to “feed” my 5 senses what they need in order to give me “small amounts” of euphoria, which can be confused with Happiness…

Happiness awakens in us when there is LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) towards the things and circumstances that occur in our Lives…

But be careful!!! This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t wish for nice things to happen, of course that is the intention and wish but if they don’t occur we can still give LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) to the situation. By doing this our Lives become more Harmonious and the calmness comes about much easier!!!

If we observe, when a person judges or criticizes another, one of the things they would like is for that other person to change, because he doesn’t like how he behaves. But if he would put LOVE towards this situation, first of all he wouldn’t be influenced by how that person behaves, and Thanks to the Respect and Acceptance (LOVE) he wouldn’t feel bad or with negative feelings and the Calmness and Happiness can continue to be in his Being!!!

If I get angry or protest about something I didn’t get, or something that happened, I will feel bad. If I Accept what isn’t to be this time, with LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) I will live that situation with Calmness and Harmony!!!

If we stop for a second and observe the society in which we live, we can see that it provokes us to live through the senses and even worse than that, in one way or another, it mocks or ridicules those that try to live in LOVE Respect Acceptance, branding them subtly or directly as gullible, as a dreamer or strange or even crazy or dangerous……

And those that follow the word of the ego in order to achieve “success” are rewarded or idolized.

But watch out!!! If we believe that we are better people for seeing things with LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) then we would be judging and doing the same thing in another way…. be careful!! The ego is very tricky….it always wants to judge and put itself above those with different opinions of how to live LIFE……

If you allow me, I would like to propose one thing;

What do you think that starting from now!!! We make a decision to do three things (minimum, but the more the better it will be for you) each day with LOVE, in order to nurture our Being-Soul-Spirit. It can be through an action for another person or even picking up a bottle that we see on the ground and by picking it up I help all my neighbours in the town, but the thing that will help us the most, and others around, is to not judge anyone for doing something we don’t agree with. We can continue without agreeing with it but at the same time not judging it!!! For sure this will make us live a happier more harmonious Life!!! And in some way help to contribute in changing our society and world.


If you are up for it and would like to copy paste and send it to everyone you feel like , putting your own signature or spin on it then feel free to do so. Or the signature of Humanity, or whatever, its not important, the important thing is that we become more and more aware of how we want to Live our Lives….

- From the 5 senses and the ego as the leader or captain.

-….or with LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) and so the 5 senses don’t dominate or control us but instead we ENJOY WITH THEM……which is their true purpose…..

I wish to send you, if you allow me, all my LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) especially to those who may think or believe that what I have shared here is stupid or complete nonsense….

 Thank you


  Amor & Paz

A reflection for Parents, Coaches and Players

Good evening to everyone full of joy and light.

I'm not used to and as a matter a fact I never speak about or share my feelings about what I observe and live in tournaments or matches that I watch. What I share now is not meant for teaching anything to anyone. My feelings to share the experience that I have lived, are so strong and they helped me so much that I'm going to let them flow out with humility and respect in case someone might be interested to hear it.

This afternoon I had the pleasure or gift to be able to go to a tournament with two players “I train”. Before the match the three of us were together and we spoke about things that would be useful to help us grow as players and also as people!! In both cases it was two things; the first and the priority was to play and be with respect and acceptation towards themselves each moment and to speak to themselves with affection no matter what. The other thing was a technical and tactical matter that we agreed would be the most logical to continue with, in the match today. It was amazing to watch them play with LOVE towards themselves in the form of Respect and Acceptance!! I want to point out that this doesn’t mean that they didn’t play with intensity or wish to win the point, the game and the match, since it's one of the reasons why one plays.

It gets distorted so much, to play with Respect and Acceptance towards oneself doesn’t mean playing without desire, intensity and passion that it’s a pity that it gets confused so much… I have seen other players that were playing in the tournament and in general (it's not necessary to say it because we have all seen it in tournaments on a daily basis) we see suffering, frustration, rage… and not only that, these emotions are useless for anyone who wants to learn and improve. One who is in Harmony and Calm can develop or learn any activity, in this case tennis.

One of the players that I observed (played against one of the guys I was with) was speaking to himself negatively, but halfway through the second set the level of negativity towards himself went up considerably ….(if you allow me to share what he was saying, and even though it might sound strong, in reality this is normal for many players who are trying to be professional)… You are crap, son of a bitch and the worst one was, I'm a useless piece of shit… If only he would know the human being he is…

Some of you may not understand what I'm going to share, I'm not trying or pretending to make you understand or understand me, but witnessing this tremendous punishment that he was inflicting on himself and what he felt towards himself, I felt an immense Love and empathy and compassion that my eyes became watery to give place to some tears that were charged with LOVE towards this person and all others that live in the same way and unfortunately there are many people who live in this way….and those moments that I lived 25 years ago came back to me, moments when I even wished not to live…..some people that see this may think that what I share is an exaggeration or maybe they wish that they never saw this so that they could continue to believe that this LOVE thing is stupid and that it doesn’t fit with professional sport or even in normal daily life…. To all of them, I give MY FULL RESPECT and the maximum amount of LOVE….
But in saying that it is something very serious how a Human Being treats oneself and according to how he treats himself it has an effect on the life he makes for himself. Some believe that if you play tennis or other competitive sport with LOVE that it`s not possible to do it with intensity, desire, courage, resistance… I would have loved to have had the present to see both players in the match run, hit the ball, sprint to drop shots or pump himself up but from the base of Respect towards themselves and towards others around them even though on occasions things happen that one doesn’t like, for example a big mistake in a match or a bad understanding between a ball mark of the other player.

LOVE doesn’t mean to be soft and empty of energy, force and desire.

LOVE is to Respect oneself and to Accept oneself at all times and especially in the moments when things don’t work out how you would like them to. It is the ability to continue in Harmony to the next point having learnt from what happened instead of using the time after a “mistake” to disrespect and insult yourself and not to see why the “mistake” occurred.

And I put in inverted comas “mistake” because a mistake is the door that proceeds a new opportunity to learn. But in order to open this door one must open it with the key of LOVE (Respect and Acceptance)

It`s hard for me to observe somebody insult themselves or others, or cheat in order to win at all costs, to cry in frustration, to speak badly and sometimes fight with themselves over what they didn’t do well after the match, one sees this as “normal” and it's so common that it becomes normal. 

On the other side having finished a match after losing and to leave the court and receive a hug full of LOVE affection and Respect should be normal…. .to listen to him and to speak to him with empathy and understanding with Respect Affection and LOVE is seen as something abnormal and even labeled absolutely crazy at times……

Imagine a world full of crazy or loony people!!! It would be amazing in my opinion!!!
Lets start to be a little crazy with ourselves with LOVE Respect and Acceptance to ourselves!!
In the end we don’t need to do or achieve things so that others give compliments to us or respect or accept us more.

We give LOVE to ourselves and this Respect and Acceptance we will have for ourselves and besides that it will be true and not false respect. It's false to receive respect or compliments if we win and then negativity if we lose.

With all my affection and Respect to you, if you would allow me to send you a Huge Hug full of Respect Affection and LOVE no matter what you do!!!


"We are one, let us unite ..."

I write these lines with tears of Gratitude and Happiness for the feeling that I am living ...

Of course what follows is a feeling that I share with all respect towards any other opinions;

The day we look at a Human Being as what is, A HUMAN BEING, that day our world and society will be a beautiful place to live ...

The Human Being is that, Human Being. A wonderful Being of Light and LOVE, it is not a man, it is not a woman, it is a whole without separation, because separating losses The Truth, the essence of union and strength ...

As we have been mislead so much ... to the point of creating rivalry and consequently separation of the EVERYTHING that is the Human Being !!!
Without the feminine part we would be lame as Human Beings and without the masculine part the same ..
Imagine that my two eyes or two hands would fight to be one better than the other and try to make all the blood flow only towards itself leaving the other without enough blood supply. With a "whoever wins wins" attitude one of the hands or eyes would be reduced or very reduced. And if that happens imagine that it is the right eye that is more depleted and his vision is much smaller than it could be if it were well nourished by blood. When walking down the street a bicycle that loses control is approaching dangerously at high speed on its right side ..... and not having enough vision his right eye does not detect the danger and the bike hits him strongly resulting in dangerous injuries ...
If the eyes had both been in balance with the balance of blood flow nothing would have happened!
But the struggle to have more power than the other seemingly would weaken one but ultimately it was both that was weakened.

Because both are there to serve and will help all of the body !!! And if the body weakens and suffers, both of them finally get hurt!
That's right! We are an "All Human" Being..
It does not make sense to separate those two important and vital parts for the existence of humanity such as Man-Woman or Woman-Man ...

If we stop for a moment and observe, I do not believe that there is any Human Being that wants to live diminished and weakened, losing part of its strength and power.

The strength in everything comes from the UNION and not the separation!

Let's look at ourselves as Human Beings !!!,
Not like eyes or hands competing and fighting between us stupidly diminishing our capabilities.

UNITE FOR THE HUMANITY and thus create a stronger and happier society !!!
Together we are more Valuable for Humanity and Society ...

With all Respect and Affection let me, if you feel, to send you a hug of Infinite Appreciation, LOVE & PEACE.


I LOVE ME to be able to LOVE YOU ...

Love in the Olympics

I wish you a good day full of hope for change in each of us and therefore in the WORLD !!!

You've probably seen this video .....


And so words are unnecessary…..

If i had a business I would not hesitate to make the biggest contract ever seen for these two athletes for providing us with such an example of LOVE coming straight from the soul. Without even thinking it just came out of them!

This humanity is ¡AWAKENING!! And yourself reading this are also awakening! It is within you the instinct of love that you are increasingly seeing around you!

I send you a hug full of love & PEACE and try to feel it and send it outwards to everyone because that is the highest medal that one can get .....

LOVE in our lives and in our actions over the poisonous ego.

Besides this medal is one that everyone can get !!! Without any contests !!! You simply just have to wish for it and it will be yours !!!

Because we have it within us !!!

Long live the Olympics of LOVE !!!

These ones should be celebrated every day !!! And always played at home!!!

I LOVE YOU ..... We are all Olympians !!! Let our race be to the installation of love in our lives !!!

Heartily Congratulations to all the athletes who have achieved the medal of metal that they have so desired, also those who have tried but without getting it. And above all CONGRATULATIONS to you for every day trying to live more and more from love !!! with your actions, your words, with your eyes ..... Because this is what changes humanity ….. a medal made from metal may create some positive things but it does not have the ability to change humanity .....

With all my respect and love ..... I LOVE ME in order to LOVE YOU from my heart unconditionally .....


The unity of the male & female energy

Good morning full of love and joy to all !!!

A few minutes ago I listened to the personal history of an Afghan woman from when she as a child (now 30) on the treatment of women, she has awakened in me a deep feeling of compassion and understanding for her soul and person and so I felt to share something with all of you who wish to receive it.

As always, first of all I must say that it is my feeling and my opinion and I do not intend to make anyone feel and think the same way. My only wish is to share something that has helped me grow a little more in my day as a Human Being.

Imagine a bicycle, divided into the steel frame on one side and the wheels on the other, imagine the absurdity if one had to work by its self separate to the other. Imagine that each part of the bicycle was trying to be trying to be the most important part. The result would being a bicycle but in two separate parts with both wanting to transport a person (the iron frame on side and the two wheels on the other) but because of their unconsciousness and misunderstanding (promoted by the ego) they are not able to transport anyone.

But if these two parts UNITE being aware that they are part of the same thing, it is then when they can realise their true purpose !!!

This is so easy to understand, yet it is what happens to men and women.

Let me share this thought/opinion;

The Human Being is Man-Woman. It is true that it may be in the "form" of a man or "form" of a women. But in both cases it is the female and male energy. If man will be more of masculine energy, but also have a female part (say 70% male and 30% female) and vice versa in the case of a woman.

It could be said that the male energy is a pragmatic, mental energy, among its most abundant characteristics. And the feminine energy is more related to sensitivity, intuition and empathy.

When separated they are both lame !!! But united they become perfection!!!

Women (with more feminine energy in full) are responsible for being MOTHERS with greater capacity for empathy, understanding, tenderness, ability to intuit, to welcome those new souls coming into life. But without the masculine energy with their mental-organised mind they will give a different type of support. After the child has grown they will give a more three-dimensional day-to-day security and without that male energy it would take away what the child’s soul needs.

Well in this society if we think about, and in some countries more than others, but generally it encourages competition and therefore separation between the two!!! It’s as if to separate the wheels and the frame but still try to create the perfect bike. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! And then one party despises the other and vice versa without realising that it means the bike can never ride!!!

!!! WE ARE ONE !!!

And that means that both ENERGIES, Men and Women, are equally important and it is the union and balance of both peace and harmony in humanity!!!

One is no more important than the other, both are essential but its true power comes together to create the Harmony !!!

Is it true that mothers have a special ability to maintain a home with harmony and organisation? They understand the child on the one hand and on the other hand the father is so important to her in her home. She has that sensitivity and empathy to understand and try to harmonise the home. As a father (male energy) when there is a situation that we must show firmness and strength to someone or something unjust, they show firmness and strength to balance the mothers energy.


At the end we understand that both women and men have to be in unity and harmony not faced with sexism or feminism.

If we find that balance that is what will harmonise our homes, nations and planet.

To the female energy you must not only give space but ask it to guide us with its sensitivity and intuition coupled with more mental and earthy masculine energy we will live in a more comprehensive and humane manner.

Because a human being is feminine and masculine energy.

So there are men and women in union and harmony to create a wonderful world-home!!!

So get the tools (ie what is in your power to do on your part) and begin to attach the bicycle frame with the wheels for therefore.............. !!! everything runs smoothly !!!

With all my respect and love I send you a hug full of

         LOVE PEACE

Long live the Men and Women, Women and Men as energy just created to the whole Divine and Wonderful.


Thank you Novak for always promoting LOVE when you have the chance

Good Morning full of LOVE & PEACE !!!

When a number one "wins" a tournament it’s something we could say is relatively normal, (the word “win” always with quotation marks because it is really not won or lost, but already through experience does one learn and grow). But for a "character" of that size do, to say or show something about love is very unusual and strange. This time Novak gives a nod of recognition to LOVE !!! Increasingly aware of the importance of Love in our lives !!!

THANK YOU Novak for always promoting LOVE when you have the chance.

But best of all is that it does not take a character/celebrity to show love in our daily actions !!! YOU and ME, we can do it too !!!

At the end LOVE is to be aware that we are all one, pushing the illusion that the ego makes us believe that we are different and we have to prove this to each other. Just to write it makes me feel like I’m vibrating under the craziness of trying to be different from another People, being both he (the other human being) like me, divine and wonderful human beings !!!

There is nothing better or higher than being human being !!! So it makes no sense to live under unconsciousness, the ego pushes us to believe that we can and must be "better" than another Human Being.

I invite you (if you wish) to close your eyes for a few seconds and feel the magnificence and Divinity you are which resides within you ..... Just as in the rest of all mankind !!!

A Big Hug full of LOVE & PEACE.


         I LOVE YOU.....

We are not simply animals

I want to share some thoughts and feeling with all my respect for those who want to receive;

Can you imagine eating rotten food, what would happen in our bodies? Or infected food?

Nobody would think to do it?

But yet for our soul, every time we judge or act from selfishness we are doing the same thing!!! It suffers!!! It hurts!!! It is indigestible and when it happens regularly our soul writhes in pain ..... And that the soul of the person who we have prosecuted or relieved our selfishness upon also suffers !!!

And the most terrible thing is that we are not aware of what those acts cause in our souls, consequently in our bodies and in our minds .....

We are not aware that without realising it we act like animals with only primary actions and thoughts with no consciousness !!!

And do not fall into the mistake of saying that phrase which is so often repeated;

"If in the end we are animals"

!!! That's unconscionable !!!


We can agree that we have a physical body like the animals but there is something human beings have the animal do not. CONSCIOUSNESS, but if that separates us from the animals, our consciousness, if we live with it turned off then yes; we are just like animals.

So I ask and I ask myself not to live in unconsciousness with those unique primary desires directed by ego and instead become aware of that Divine Being full of love that we are; so not to act under the direction of our ego to any person and in any situation !!!

If you have sensitivity (and I know that you do because you are a human) it would certainly move you if you saw the miss treatment of a horse being underfed day after day still being forced to carry great amounts of weight covering long distances. The owner continuing to force the horse to work for his own gain, ego and selfishness. This would surely make you feel emotions of pity and compassion for the horse right?

But this is what we do to ourselves? We continuously self harm and continuous demand, daily constant trials and endless flogging .....

And of course we do it to others too, demanding, judging, using them for our own ego.

Do you see the unconsciousness with which we try and treat ourselves and others?

Please take consciousness of Divinity that we all are.

It's appalling what we do to each other and it starts with ourselves !!!

Therefore start from now to become aware that we are not animals and not to treat one another as such. We are human beings and when that consciousness awakens in us not only among humans but also to treat all other forms of life (animals and nature) with LOVE.

I feel so deeply to tell you that I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOU and that any unconscious act you may have committed SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY And both to you and to myself .....


With respect and affection I send you a hug full of love & PEACE and Consciousness !!!

   I LOVE YOU.....

I'll just go back two thousand years, but it could be more...

I wish you LOVE, PEACE, happiness and harmony .....

I feel and want to share with the utmost respect this feeling and thinking you;

I'll just go back two thousand years but it could be more.

Since then humanity has evolved greatly externally. It has invented the revolver, rifle, printing, car, motorcycle, telephone, Internet ..... So we travel into space !!!

But within ourselves, we are in a total involution !!!

Two thousand years ago, we killed between us and continue to do so today ..............

PLEASE TAKE HALF MINUTE TO REALLY FEEL THIS….We continue killing ourselves..........


Everything that has been invented is for external purposes and to nourish our ego if we think about it. Everything is for our comfort and well-being of our physical body.

And what about our other body? The Self-Soul-Spirit?

How long have we dedicated to know each other as human beings? And to become aware of our shortcomings as beings, to "invent" to "discover" more about our inner-selves? To explore and discover our needs as human beings?

As individuals we are all day watching shortcomings or virtues (things that we believe are shortcomings or virtues) that we have, that we’re missing all on a social level, all to value ourselves from our ego. Do I have power? Am I well known? Am I respected? Because of my work "conquests" or materials?

But what about our Self-Soul-Spirit?

Do we look deep inside ourselves?

It is tremendous that we continue like thousands of years ago !!! Unconscious and "illiterate" in that aspect of us selves. It educate ourselves to understand that everything revolves around money as the epicentre and primary focus of our lives.

We can watch with humility and love, without judgment, and we realise the time we devote to "succeed" as individuals and that we have forgotten to "succeed" as HUMAN BEINGS.

Because we do not start to look inward and see all those fears, selfishness ..... Inhabiting us? Then to be aware as a first step to later then transform into thoughts, emotions and feelings in harmony, pure and beautiful !!!

A path (in my opinion, and my opinion is just that with love and respect I share with you) that is going to help tremendously is being aware of the Divine wonderful and perfect that we all are!!! And perfect from our inner being and not from the individual ego.

Being aware of our Divine as Beings that we shall not pretend to be something we don’t really want to be !!!

You're not (for instance) Juan, electrician, with a house of 100m2 that has so much money in the bank and a car brand xy ... etc etc etc ......... DO NOT!!!

you are not the label !!! But we are in total unconsciousness and believing that we live it in the eyes of others !!! DO NOT!!!

What we really are is a Divine Being trying to be aware of it and remember the wonder that everyone is!!! 7 billion of us every bit as perfect beings and Divine. Don’t fall into the temptation of being slaves allies outwardly but inwardly.

By this I do not mean that money is evil and an enemy, no. Money is a necessary and useful in the society in which we live, of course, so you have to respect and appreciate that. But we can not put it as a master of our lives ahead of our being, instead of having our service to help us physically live three-dimensionally in order to focus on our great lack as humanity for thousands of years is to love and respect us together. And then you go on killing remain as primitive as we were.

We are educated from all sides with the premise that the primary way in this life are the property and we are trained from childhood to spend eight or more hours to achieve that end.

But think !!! We still remain like thousands of years ago !!! We live in a culture of fear !!! Or a fear to not have or fear of losing what we have !!!

But that's from the outside. Because if we are aware of what we are internally !!! Wonderful divine Beings, that we do not have to try and find because we are intrinsically the human being that we are, and not afraid to lose it, because it is impossible. All we have to do is spend time watching ourselves to remember and rediscover the magic and Divine Being that we ALL are!!!

And quite sure that from this awareness Humanity will discover the greatest truth;


The killings among us has no place in our society and will be replace by peace and harmony.

But to do this we must start by looking inward and stop being sheep following a system that praises the money as the main reason for existence.

Why in the same way that we talk about killing each other (that would be the end) we could speak to deceive, betray, hate ..... between us for the sole purpose of feeding and decorating my illusory "label" of who I am. !!! WAKE UP !!!

Let us not be manipulated and think for ourselves and not be misled by the illusory idea that the outside will give us the true happiness. Only the truth to be aware of the Divine Being that we are will make you feel the calm and tranquility that you are looking outside for.

All at one level or another we have lived. We fight (note the word, we fight) for something we want believing that obtaining it will bring us the happiness and if you find it quickly you will ow be looking for something else to bring you the feeling.

HAPPINESS is already in you !!! But it is within you and you will get it when you connect with that great truth;


And as always it is the love way that will make us begin to respectand love ourselves so that we can do the same to others.

I send you a hug of LOVE & PEACE filled with the desire to look inwards a couple of times a day while being aware of what we all have in there (something that can not be explained but only felt .....)



Happy new year & a happy life!

Good evening, Happy New Year and more over, Happy Life!!!

It has come to me this video that I would like to share with you (please ignore the advertising message of the bank, with my respect I would have removed it but I do not know how)

I cried with LOVE for what it has transmitted to me;

It only takes one to play or sing a piece of music. But when you let others help, not wanting to be the protagonist, the beauty that you get is superb !!!

If I asked you; at what point did the music speak to you or touch you the most? Was it at the beginning when he was the only one who played a stringed instrument or at the end when there were many musical instruments merging with one another with the same purpose, including human voices?

Surely everyone will say in the end. Logical!!!

And what is the teaching that brings us as a wonderful gift this video?



And that is LOVE .....

LOVE is union, help ..... Among other things.

And the ego is individuality, separation ..... And other things that lead to pain, suffering and loneliness.

For example when it is too cold in a room, what does a group of people do?

Come together to make warmth !!!

When the football of two children lands on a roof, what do they do? 

Probably one gets on the others shoulders so that they can get on the roof and collect the ball !!!

And now I ask myself and I ask you;

Would it not be better to live in any context of our daily lives from this union and with unity in order to advance harmoniously in our evolution or awakening as human beings?

So if the answer is YES, which it is. Let us begin this year in order to be mindful that our ego does not govern our acts wanting to be unique (only one is synonymous with being isolated and alone in your top and that's what the ego seeks to make you believe you need to be unique. That you will be happier and what you get is a feeling that seemingly at first is happy, but which is only really euphoria to give way after fear and consequently stress, anguish, anxiety and loneliness.)

We should live for what we like but not for being better or unique, but to enjoy what we like to do, without being disconnected from all other human beings around us !!!

If you like the violin, play the violin!!!

If you like the cello, play the cello!!!

If you like to singing, sing!!!

If you’re good at it and you like directing, then conduct the orchestra !!!

There are no better positions than others!!!

There are only different and diverse instruments and actions so that you make the most of what resonates with you and that you enjoy!!!

That is all!!!

In the video, one playing the violin, one cello, one ..... One is responsible for directing, but none of them is more valuable than the other !!! THEY ARE ALL ONE !!!

That is the point!!! WE ARE ALL ONE!

I sincerely hope this is the beginning 2016, of the remaining years to go forth in your life, you live it from that consciousness of oneness with everyone and everything.

I send you a hug filled with love & respect and UNION PEACE !!!

    !!!WE ARE ALL ONE!!!

    2016 but mostly HAPPY REST OF YOUR LIFE LIVED IN UNION .....

    I LOVE YOU, I LOVE ME ..... because we are all ONE