The strength is in… THE UNION

Good morning full of Union and Happiness!!!

I share these feelings I have with you, with all my Respect and Affection towards you…. if you wish….

The strength is in… THE UNION
If we look at it…. LOVE unites!!! And the ego separates…

In this video you see a person playing an instrument in a Magical and Amazing way, who then joins with another person who contributes his/her magic, which compliments and magnifies the magic of the first person and as more and more unite, they transmit an even greater Magical Vibration.

Every one of the musicians is Amazing, but uniting together they compliment each other and they transform into something DIVINE!!!

What power the UNION has!!!

Imagine the opposite, all the musicians start together but then one of them separates, believing that he/she is the special one in the group and he/she feels like the leader and decides to play whatever he/she wants. We all know what would happen…… playing alone wouldn’t be the same or even close to playing together as well as he/she might play. Then the same thing happens with the others in quick succession. The union of the group is broken and separated by the ego of each person and finally a complete separation of the whole group occurs.

What would have happened?

Well the Divine Magic would have been dispersed and consequently lost…..

Isn’t this what we are unconsciously doing, in one way or another, in this great group called Humanity?

We create rivalries, fights, wars and even kill each other in order to obtain individuality that at most, or in the best of cases, leads us to complete solitude…

This separation starts with ourselves, when we judge and disrespect ourselves which then, later on, leads to judging and disrespecting others…..

So why don’t we start, from this moment, to LOVE OURSELVES Respect and Accept ourselves in order to do the same to others and unite ourselves once again in this Humanity Group to live and play the best symphony that is LIFE!!!

For sure you loved the video…..

Did you see how the union of the musicians created Joy and Happiness in them and others around!!!

Are you ready to join or sign up to the biggest and most Amazing symphony ever assembled?

The truth is…

You are essential in order to form it.

Please sign up and don’t “miss out” we need you!!!

The only thing that’s necessary to join is to do the following towards yourself each day from now on…..

Treat yourself with…

  • Respect…..

  • Accept yourself completely…

  • Speak to yourself in a Loving and gentle way without blaming or punishing yourself, in the end we are here to learn and evolve and it’s clear that we still have a lot to learn, but we can do so in Harmony and evolve without destroying ourselves.

  • Be conscious of the Human Being, Divine and Amazing, that you are without letting anyone or anything make you believe any different, with their judgments or negative comments.

To sum up, put LOVE in your LIFE!!!

Love = Respect + Acceptance.

Are you ready to sign up or join….??

If you allow me, I would like to send you a huge hug full of Respect, Affection and LOVE.

Ps. Strength is in the UNION…..

     Amor & Paz