Thank you sciatica!

Good evening full of harmony and calm…

I feel to share an experience for those who feel and wish…


A few years ago (about 20) a person who saw that I was changing many things in my way of living, thinking and acting said to me;

“Oooh Pepe, you are changing a lot aren’t you! You are very weird, maybe even a little crazy.”

The truth is that they were right, that my ways of thinking and acting were very different from before, but those changes gave me so. much more tranquillity and happiness in my life.


My reaction to that person’s statement (who was very close to me) could have been:

1-    That their comments make me feel weird and isolated from what is called “normal” and therefore made me stop acting, thinking and living as I felt and wanted to and pushed me to return to my previous state of discomfort, but I would at least then have been accepted by that person and every other “normal” person.

2-  Tell him: “Yes, it is true, that I think and act in a very different way to the way          did before, and if that is being weird and crazy, I will tell you that I want to be much weirder and crazier because that will make me even happier and bring even more tranquillity to my life. The change you have seen in me is the reason that I am now happier than before and much calmer and harmonious than ever before!”


Of course, if I responded with number 2, knowing full well that it wouldn’t be easy to have the respect of others…


I had the great fortune of being able to close my eyes and tell myself: whatever happens. I JUMP! And whatever they say, I prefer to have a little more peace, calm and harmony in my life every day. Being judged by many and not being accepted beats living in a way that I understand does not make me happy.


On that occasion there weren’t (and still aren’t) laws that prevented me from changing my way of thinking, acting and living. Although it is true that the pressure to which are subjected by the judgement of others sometimes acts with the force and vigour of a law. It is like a law not written on paper, but somehow more powerful, thanks to the judgments you receive from others.


Everything that I share is to arrive to the experience that I have had in the past 3 months.


I will summarise it without going into deep details to get to the point that I feel and want to share;


Three months ago, I had a mishap that made me have a very annoying sciatica, becoming very acute at times. I treated myself with an osteopath several times with no result.  I went to another, again, no result.

My infinite gratitude goes to all the people who have helped me so much through the years!


I had to resort to regular medicine, the chemical one, even having to prick myself on two occasions so I could insert the muscle relaxer needles. Still, my sciatica was there and getting worse by the day. I felt inside of me that this pain was stemming from a very important emotional issue. Anyway, finally yesterday I surrendered myself to a doctor… AND HERE IS WHERE I ARRIVE TO WHERE I WANTED.


Yes, she is a licensed doctor, but she mostly practices what they have begun to call "pseudo therapies" and more contemptuously deceitful and fake. She has mainly used Kinesiology and homeopathy in addition to other "pseudo therapies" throughout the years of her medical career. And of course, she does all of full of passion, Humanity and Honesty!!!


Well, thanks to this person and her knowledge in ‘pseudo therapy’, in the hour of writing this, I can say that the sciatica is 80% better. The best about it all is that what was indeed provoking it, was from an emotional block. It’s now down to me to face these issues head on. There is nothing I like more than to observe my Divine and Wonderful ‘lacks’ and put myself to work!


We have heard many a times and we continue to be bombarded by these attempts to badmouth a series of THERAPIES that can help us very much. The most worrying of all is that it’s trying to be prohibited by law so we won’t be able to use them!


It goes without saying that I don’t have anything against regular medicine, on the contrary, I have been tremendously grateful for it on many occasions in my life so far.


I am in fact the son and the grandson of GP’s. My extension of Gratitude goes to all those doctors- each and every one has spent years of preparation to be able to share their knowledge and try to help the sick. However, please do not steal from us the possibility of choice and don’t use lies as a tool to try and prohibit other kinds of therapies.


 Or better said, we shouldn’t be allowed to speak without experience and take others assumptions as truth, especially when they haven’t personally experienced what they’re talking about. There are definitely therapist’s with no shame in doing ‘bad’ things just like there are gardeners, cab drivers, mechanics, tennis coaches and doctors like that. But just because there are some bad ones, it doesn’t mean that every single one of them is bad.


In the media, it seems like only the bad ones are shown, not the ones that actually really help our health, balance us and are Honest and Human. I say balance us because at the end of the day, health is having alignment in not just our bodies, but alignment of habits, ways of acting, thinking and feeling to be in harmony of health too. We frequently search for the easy options, take a pill and the problem disappears. However, it just doesn’t work like this, and it just doesn’t take the problem away, it just masks it until a later stage when it reappears but with much more strength than before.


I know that the Person-Doctor that helped me balance my body today doesn’t need naming but I feel that what fills her soul is for information like this be released in this way, not just for her but for all the ‘pseudo therapists’.

So, I feel the necessity to name her in case anyone in any moment finds themselves wanting to see her. Life led me to her 11 years ago and it was because someone else told me about her and her Divine and Wonderful ‘pseudo sciences’. That’s why today, I feel to share my experience too.

In society today we are much quicker to say anything judgemental or critical than to speak of the good from others… why is that when it costs the same?


Katherine Polman is her name, and her office is in San Pedro de Alcantara (about 5km from Marbella).


Of course, there are many other doctors and I hope the number of them will keep growing. Both allopathic and holistic. Thanks to every one of them because all of them have the intention to help.


But please… do not let us steal the Freedom to choose and decide with the excuse that it is ‘to protect us’. We are not children and it is our responsibility to investigate and try things so we can decide for ourselves.


Thank you, Kati, thank you to every doctor who feels the desire to help in any which way they can.


And if you’ll let me finish by expressing how I feel…


The greatest medicine that exists, both in prevention and cure is LOVE!!!


The sciatica has taught me a little more about the lack of LOVE in my life! Instead of feeling sad it fills me with joy! I can continue to grow in my Divine and Wonderful shortcomings!



Thank you sciatica!

Thank you Kati!

Thank you scientific medicine

Thank you holistic medicine

Thank you FREEDOM




An infinite hug full of Respect, Affection and LOVE.

Novak, thank you for the great work you are doing as a Human Being

Good afternoon full of Joy and Happiness!

With all my respect, I wish to share something to those who wish to hear it. It’s something that may not be read in the mainstream press but would be wonderful to know.

The work on our Human Being is essential in any profession, at any level, ahead of anything else. It’s not social success that brings Happiness, Harmony and Peace to our lives but the awareness of who we really are as Divine and Wonderful Human Beings.

In my opinion, we live in a society where they encourage us to exalt people who do things “better” than others. We separate and distance ourselves from each other and we glorify, idolise and even worship the ones that do it “better”. Such a mistake and what a horror!

The press and the media cover everything that surrounds every new triumph achieved and they don’t stop inflating the character who has achieved it in an attempt to show us that they are “different”, sometimes even using adjectives that are so accepted and normal already yet so dangerous, such as the description of being “supernatural” or “unhuman like”

Unhuman... we are Human!

Unknowingly, we are accepting that yes, they are “better” and different and that is why they should be more respected than the rest. We, as a society are the first to give them that time and title. Because of this, they are given more “attention respect” (albeit an artificial Respect as it will be taken away as soon as they stop winning) than others.

Then we get surprised when our nieces or nephews suffer when they lose and get nervous either just before the game or even up to days before.


Because we have been convinced that I really need to “succeed” in order to be accepted and respected by society so we can then be treated with more attention than the rest ...

Too bad that we are so entangled in that viscous spider web of unconsciousness, to believe and try to fight to be more and better than others in order to receive those "privileges" of being different and better.

It does not interest the press and many others, because there is still a great mass that remains unconscious believing that the most important thing is success and triumph over the Divine and Wonderful Human Being that EVERYONE OF US ARE WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

That is why Novak, I would like to thank you for the great work you are doing as a Human Being over the character that society wants to create for your triumphs and sporting achievements.

If only they knew all the work you’ve put in these past weeks with Your Self...

Of course, you have trained on the court and in the gym impressively and then after with your physio sessions too, always in an impeccable and professional way! But what is little known is the Humility that you’ve had in order to be able to work on your Human Being, not falling into the temptation to believe and feel what all those millions of people tempt you to believe, that you are incredible, that your last triumph in Wimbledon is branded as the "best" so far, for being the "number 1" and therefore "better" than the others.

You work to avoid falling into the grip and jaws of the ego that pretends to make you believe different is "better" and so therefore you’re more respected and more heroic than others.

You know very well that this is a complete illusion, because just as quickly as you stop "winning" they will take it away to give it to the next one, making you believe that they then are the most important and amazing... You have also had the privilege of knowing it from your own experience ... Two years ago you were judged, criticized and questioned because you no longer "won" like you used to and all the "privileges" of flattery and dazzling adjectives disappeared, only for them to now return and be granted as if they were medals that are removed and then put back on...

But you work on your Human Being above your character, your facet of husband and father, brother, friend...

During these 3 weeks it has been fundamental for you not to feel “better” than anyone else and to digest your success in Wimbledon with Humility and recognise what it entails professionally speaking. Of course, you train and work for those kind of titles with desire and intensity and enthusiasm but without losing the priority of the Human Being that you are before all that.

Therein lies the difference, to prioritise the Human Being that we are before the character that they try to build around the titles that are added in to our lives.

And when I say titles, it can also be in reference to finishing degrees of medicine, architecture, botany, law and teaching ... but we don’t become doctors, architects, professors ... rather we are still Divine and Wonderful Human beings who are dedicated to agriculture, medicine, architecture, teaching and that doesn’t make us better or worse.

That is why Novak, I want to Thank you for being an example and somehow a pioneer (in the world of high competition) in putting your work as a Human Being (in recent years) before your profession that you do so well, but that you do not think so better than the others.

It has been and is a privilege and gift to be a spectator and companion of your Wonderful process in these 7 years.


Hopefully it will be an example for all of us ... it would be so wonderful if we all help and encourage the little ones to take that path of putting the Human Being before triumphs and titles ...

Let us each place our grain of sand, starting with us not educating in values but living those values and being an example of them ...

To you, Divine and Wonderful Human Being reading this, whether or not you agree with this opinion that has been shared, let me send you an infinite hug full of Respect, Affection and LOVE...


Selfishness Destroys and Separates Us

Good Afternoon full of harmony and calmness…

I feel like sharing a tough that has given way to an emotion… And always from the most absolute respect to anyone who might think or feel differently. Because what’s about to be shared has no intention to teach or tell anyone how to think.

Here it goes with all my LOVE and respect:

Our physical body is composed of millions of cells, and these cells are part of our organs and different areas of our body.

Imagine for a second that our cells became crazy and started to believe as individual beings that they are more important that the other ones, and the started to compete and create rivalries, causing jealousy and envy amongst them and even fight and destroy the other cells to become more worthy and get more recognition. 

For example, imagine the cells on the right hand fighting against the cells on the right elbow and these ones at the same time fighting against the cells on the right shoulder all in all to be the best in the right arm? 

Let’s think the cells in the right shoulder win this battle. Because of their unconsciousness they will think it has been a success to eliminate the ones in the right elbow and hand, as they then become the only responsible cells for the whole arm. But very quickly they will learn that killing the other parts of the arm, has caused its mobility as a whole to deteriorate significantly (due to the loss of the right elbow) and the ability to grab things has completely disappeared because of the death of the cells in the right hand.

But maybe they think this way: “well, let’s win over the left hand and we solve the problem”…

The right arm begins invading the left and starts a fight against it (which was in harmony), battling against the left shoulder, and then the left elbow “winning” over the left hand. But the left hand fought ferociously and caused it to lose several of its abilities. The right arm thought consequently: “now we need to win over the legs and feet so we can move and go to places far away”. And started more fights to achieve its goal…

It continued consecutively until what it used to be a body in complete harmony and full of abilities became a very weak and deteriorated one that suffered and suffered till death, caused by all the wounds and harm from numerous fights and wars…

Don't you think that we as individuals-cells (close to seven thousand million people in the world) are separating ourselves and weakening as humanity? As well as killing our home, Mother Nature?

What are we doing?

Most likely some may say: “True, these awful wars between countries and governments due to their wish for power are killing us!!!”

That might be true, but on the one side of the scale 100 kgs count the same way as 1 Kg, both add up to the total end, right?

I cannot change what you or the others do, but I can change what I do. Judging another cell is not the same as hitting it or steal from it, but at the end it is an attack as well… and that cell-person that I am criticising might think that it has nothing to do with me (maybe it is a foot cell and I am  one from the shoulder), but in a way we are a part of the same…

It is so easy to see faults in others and so difficult to see our destructive actions, as little as they might be… don’t you think?

And honestly, please don’t take it personally, as this which I am sharing is who I am saying it to, so that tomorrow I can wake up a bit more ready and conscious to act from a place of LOVE (in other words, respect and acceptance) towards others even if I don’t agree with their actions. In the end, if one starts a big fire on one side of the mountain and another person a little one in a different hill of the same mountain, it still burns and causes damage, even if it is much less…

Wouldn’t it be better to plant and water it than burn it?

And the most important of all… Before we worry about the world and how to take care of it, let’s start with taking care of ourselves. Respecting us, accepting us and not starting a war with myself…

Let’s start LOVING more in order to then share LOVE with others…

Yes, maybe some think it is impossible and a utopia… All my respect towards them.

But the one who starts to LOVE, respect and accept himself will see that it feels really good and on top of that, it is much easier to understand and respect others!!!

If there is a big fire in The Mountain, one might think:

“The mountain is already on fire so it won’t matter much if I throw this cigarette because it will burn anyway…”

Someone else might say: “I am going to take a bucket full of water and help to put the fire out!!!”

If there are few who take a bucket to fill it with water and throw it towards the fire, it truly will burn anyway, but if the group of people is very big, full of desire and illusion to extinguish it, they will put it out for sure!!!

And I ask you who are reading this:


Do you want to finish this way of living that is so inhuman, full of personal interests, lies, control, betrayals…? That thanks to all of us (and no one is excluded, as little as it might be), who have created this? As the first and most important bucket is to start with oneself, not judging, critiquing or insulting oneself (even if it is a simple… “you are so stupid!!” Remember that it all adds up).

Let’s end the fire with LOVE!!! If you think it is a utopia at least don’t throw the cigarette towards the burning fire as it doesn’t help!!!

Why don’t we LOVE-RESPECT AND ACCEPT ourselves with every single one of our Divine and Wonderful imperfections and limitations?!! That way we won’t need to win over anyone of prove we are better than anyone because WE ARE ALL ONE!!! WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!

Hopefully we can live from that consciousness!!

With all my respect, I take this opportunity to send you a big hug full of Respect, Care and LOVE!!!



How Love Saves Lives

Good afternoon full of light. And I say light with the desire that each of us are able to carry light from within. That same Divine and Wonderful light that every Human Being carries in us in an intrinsic but forgotten way...

Life, by circumstance often places me next to people who live very hard, heartbreaking moments, to the point of even thinking about trying to end their lives... I understand them very well and empathize with them, but not because I know more than others or have studied more about it, but because I was in that situation 25 years ago.
From here all my respect, acceptance, affection and above all, LOVE towards them!


But I know that this isn’t enough... that’s why the start of the process is to start LOVING oneself...
I know this because I loved many people close to me and especially my family, but I despised myself...
I couldn’t use their LOVE whilst I did not feel love inside of me.

If you’ll allow me, I will share my last experience that I shared with a Divine & Wonderful Human Being that I had the privilege of getting to know. When we met she wasn’t yet conscious and from there came her suffering...

First of all, I will say that I’m not capable of curing anybody because of any Divine grace or knowledge, I will take the opportunity to say that I do not have any university degree of any kind.
The only thing I have is my own experience and that’s thanks to Life or God or Universe or as however each one wants to refer, which helped me to walk a path that led to LOVE and as I got closer, I felt that the fear and the loathing that I held towards myself and the desire to destroy myself diminished, to make way for Affection and Care.

My greatest Respect and Gratitude goes to those who have university degrees/ courses... and I want to thank them for all they do.

So here I am sharing this very strong feeling I have due to a recent experience with this Divine and Wonderful person/Soul that Life put me with.

Everything started two months ago when I received an email from a person (let’s call her B to protect her anonymity) through the web page where she shared her emotional state.
I felt to reply to the email and the next thing that happened was a phone call as she lived and still lives in the USA.

When I spoke with her, I felt and recognized the broken Soul that accompanied me 25 years ago. During our conversation she felt it would be good to come to Marbella to be able to share her story and also for me to share my journey so far.

In the weeks of her being in Marbella, what I found was a Human Being with such a Divine and Wonderful light... but she was not aware of it. On the contrary, she felt like...shit.
To be clear, she felt that she didn’t deserve to live.

When I looked in her eyes, what I felt was so much LOVE. So, so much LOVE... She was successful at what she dedicated herself to, but nevertheless she did not nourish her Being. She would always demand more and more of herself. Until there came a point where her successes no longer served her for anything.
She wasn’t yet conscious of who she really is.
There I was, in front of such a beautiful Human Being... with so much Light...

And everything started;

During the five days that she was in Marbella she became aware of who she really was as a Human Being. She grew to learn what was tearing her apart and leading her to the abyss and how it had moved her away from her true identity.
This Soul is and was always such a Wonderful, Divine Soul full of Light and unlimited LOVE.

Nevertheless, she felt guilty about a lot of things and on top of that, she felt inadequate and like a bad person on many occasions, to the point that even when someone did something wrong to her, she took it as all her fault. Whenever people were angry with her, it was her fault. When people were sad with her, it was her fault. Tremendous but true!

I just looked at her eyes, and I listened to her with LOVE, and I felt a lot of LOVE in the form of Empathy & Respect.
On numerous occasions my Soul expressed itself just through the tears that ran down my cheeks.

When B emptied herself of telling her experiences, for a few minutes I just stayed looking at her through her eyes and feeling her Divine Light.
Something from the deepest part of my Being made me feel like sharing something with her, so I asked her, “Can I share something with you B?”

She nodded...

So, for about two hours I shared what I felt from the deepest part of my Being. Everything was loaded with LOVE and feeling, without judgement, without observations, only LOVE. I shared with B my journey to date.
To know who we really are so we can come to this Life experience and know that we really are, Divine & Wonderful Beings!!!

In this Life experience we will do many things but we should never let those things that we do or dedicate ourselves to, be put in-front of who we really are. Self-Respect, Acceptance and Affection is what makes up LOVE, and that LOVE is the most important thing and number one priority.

Every day, B’s Wonderful Soul began to feel the truth of who it really was!!!
You should have seen and felt her Person/Soul/Being... so beautiful and full of Light... with each day, she began to rediscover who she really is and always was... A Divine and Wonderful Being!!!

B then returned back to the USA and two weeks later she had some professional commitments which we both felt that could possibly lead to a state of stress so we agreed it would be good for me to go with her.
So, guided by my feeling, that’s what I did.

From the very first day of arriving in the USA, it was magical to see how this Soul had evolved so very much in just 10 days.
Now it was time for her to face her past unconsciousness (which had previously made her do things for others that didn’t suit her, being in places that she didn’t want to be in all in the hope to receive crumbs of approval from others), she realized that she needed to start confronting them, without the fears of not being liked or accepted that paralyze people.

B now had true Respect for herself and so didn’t need much of that from others around her. B was gaining more and more awareness of the Divine and Wonderful Being that she is, not because of what she does and how well she does it but simply because B had started to LOVE herself!!!
And so, the cleaning begins!

The last days when you looked in her eyes, you could already feel her Wonderful Light was also on the outside and how she was being able to start seeing it for herself!
How far away was the disgust she once had for herself... it seemed like it had never existed!!!

Light seemingly started to whatever she did or said, the light filled the place with its presence.

I am now back in Spain and during the whole journey back, I couldn’t stop crying from my overwhelming feeling of Gratitude to Life, firstly, for giving me the opportunity 25 years ago to teach me to LOVE and Respect myself as a Human Being as LOVE was literally what saved my life.

And secondly, to have the privilege to share it with others.

I know I cannot explain on this page the process of years and years in my case, and just a few weeks in B’s case. But I felt that the last experience had been so Divine, that it has in turn made me relive and go through other peoples experiences in recent years too.

In the end, the summary is;
LOVE = Respecting, Accepting and being Grateful towards one self.

Every thought, desire or action you make is loaded with LOVE!!!

THANK YOU Life for this gift of having been able to share it with that Divine and Wonderful B...

To everyone that suffers... All my LOVE...

Responsibility Over Guilt

Good afternoon full of happy and joyful greetings! I am sharing my feelings with you with all respect and love, in case anyone should feel to read them. I write this without any intention of teaching or making out this is so, I just want to share this with you with all my LOVE...

There are many destructive emotions but the fault perhaps lies with our elders. Have you ever stopped to notice the times you have felt guilty of something?

Guilt exists if we live in the illusion of ego. Understanding the ego is to understand the belief that I am my body, my name, my job, how I do it and what other think of me.

If we live from the ego then guilt will often attack and trap us. Because it makes us believe that:

My body isn’t up to the accepted or admired standard. And I feel to blame for that.

What I do for a living and how I do it isn’t good enough, or as good as those around me, and I am to blame.

Other peoples’ opinions of me, their judgement and their criticism makes me feel inferior and I am to blame.

And many more things like this...

But all of them can only live through the unconscious belief that I am simply a physical body.

How cruel guilt is, how stingy guilty is, how unfair guilt is, how insensitive guilt is, how murderous guilt is....

Yes, guilt is a killer – however uncomfortable this word is, it is a killer.
There are many people who can’t cope with so much guilt, and in effort to rid themselves of it use drugs, alcohol, sex...and for a few moments these strong experiences overcome the distress of living in guilt. Even on occasions taking their life in the belief that they will end the unbearable pain that guilt produces.

However, guilt can’t exist if we gain consciousness of who we really are!

Who we really are is Divine and Wonderful Human Beings!!! Call it Soul, Being, Energy... however you feel most comfortable. But that really is who we are. And that Being/ Soul is what gives life to our physical bodies.

Have you ever stopped to think that a mother or a father of a babe in arms (who hasn’t yet been captured by society or by any of the ego/body/profession/opinion illusion) – and people said that their child isn’t good enough or slow or incapable....these parents would find it ridiculous and wouldn’t be influenced by anything anyone said about their baby, because they’re fully aware that the baby is the most Divine and Wonderful thing they’ve ever known, because their baby is still pure soul, energy who hasn’t been corrupted by the ego illusion.

But if the same situation is repeated, at 10, 15, 20 etc years old, I’m sure those parents wouldn’t have the same certainty and they’d be more affected by the fact that their child has been judged to be not good enough.

Crazy! Don’t you think?

To think that the same Divine Being that was years ago, has now been captured too by society and its tentacles that make us live from our ego and thus disconnect us from our light.

What’s it all for? Because very soon in life we forget what we really are and we come to believe that we are just our names, surnames, bodies, whatever we dedicate ourselves to and however well we do it, only to await the verdict that others give us. Of course, if we don’t meet expectations then guilt has the door already open to pull us inside.

But please, to you who is reading this, pause for a few moments to remember who exactly you really are...


Yes, you can live with your body as a partner and dedicate yourself to certain things in your daily life and spend time with other Divine and Wonderful Human Beings.
Of course, there will be things that you will learn you’re better or worse at than them. But these things will make you feel like more or less than them because you are still a Divine and Wonderful Human Being just as they are too.

Just like that, guilt will not have a space in your life.
It will be like a louse that lives in a head or hair if you shave the hair off completely the louse can no longer cling to anything.
If we free ourselves from the illusion of the ego, guilt will have nothing to cling to.

And so what happens is that we will give way to the RESPONSIBILITY of the acts we do and when they’re wrong, we wont feel guilt, but instead responsibility, this will be like taking conscience and through that we will learn. But without the destructive whip that is guilt.

All of this has been evoked because I am on a long flight and watching a movie about a father and son (I must say and very loving and good father, in my opinion). The son who is around 17 years old and in a rehab center for drug abuse was granted permission to spend Christmas Eve at his family home. The son, for the first time in a long time was feeling very much in a state of LOVE and consciousness but something happened in the house that evening of which he had nothing to do with and the father furiously yelled at him “You see, whenever you come home something awful always happens. It’s all your fault”.

The boy was so taken aback he ran from home... Unconsciously he was accepting all the guilt that was thrown at him and he felt terrible. He was trying to suppress the impulse to use again but he was struggling.
His mother ended up going out looking for him and before he had the chance to consume the drugs she found him and hugged him and told him she loves him and that he is the most beautiful thing that has ever existed in life.

Whilst still hugging the pair of them cry and cry and cry from LOVE.

Even though it was just a film, I want to take the opportunity to tell the father to not feel guilty for saying what he said. Only take the responsibility to try to not say it again.

Ok so, you know what?

Now it’s me who is crying and crying from LOVE, through the gift from the movie, LIFE has reminded me once more to be even more conscious of how vital it is to be conscience of what and who we really are... DIVINE & WONDERFUL SOULS who should never feel guilty, only responsible...


Love Above Ego

If you want and feel, I invite you to something, 

I invite you to this reflection;

Imagine the current of a deep and clean river that’s purely rain water, straight from the sky. Imagine every single infinite drop of rain water in that river has a conscience. Now imagine that each of them were falling ill to egoism and they were competing with the other drops, pushing them, fighting them trying to prove which one was more important, even forming groups of drops so they could become stronger together, separating themselves so they could become queens of the river bed. 

Is that what would happen? Losing more and more drops in these clashes, the force of the river bed would also diminish and the water would end up stagnant and rotten. The drops would not be able to reach the sea and oceans all together and full of energy, pure and fresh to then be evaporated from the heat and ride back up to the sky and be ready to be offered again to Mother Nature where She might direct them to Her rivers again or to Her fields to fertilise together with the Sun and the seeds and eventually be the food of the Beings. 

Of course, we all see the above as ridiculous. The drops would never be so absurd as to start a war of ego seeing as they would all lose and be tortured and stressed. 

Well, this what we see so clear with the example of the river, is what we don’t see so clearly about our own lives. 

We believe we are independent and separate, so we fight each other to differentiate ourselves based on achievements, possessions, beauty, health, qualifications. To obtain these things, we work with our ego to push us to do whatever it takes so we can possess any of the things mentioned above, thinking they will make us feel more important than anyone else and therefore better about ourselves. We fail to realise that the only thing we are achieving is to separate ourselves from each other. 

In this universe everything is contagious, either for good, or bad. If the game that we play is the war to be better and different then we have to realise that everyone loses. But if we understand that we all come from the same origin and we are all equal then, COMPREHENSION, SUPPORT, LISTENING, ACCEPTANCE, CARE and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE will be natural acts between us all.  What I do and how I treat others will dictate how I feel, because at the other end/the person I’m talking to is ME and I am the other, because we are all ONE.

All of us know the horrors of war, murders and pollutions of this earth all for economic interests. STOP

Pause just for a moment, feel and let it pass through you (so you don’t take on the responsibility or pain). The wars are beyond meaningless. For what are wars? What are they for? Why war? The answer = to feed egos… wars are pure egoism. 

All actions that separate us are loaded with egoism. If we manage to change ego into LOVE we will immediately eliminate all these atrocities that we are doing to ourselves. 

!!!Changing this is in our hands!!!

Being conscious enough to catch our ego in action, and in that moment we can change that act to LOVE. 

Please, don’t say “but it’s impossible since society is mounted like that.”.

NO NO NO. Just because it’s the comfortable thing to believe, if we live from that belief then we will never confront our ego and faults. If you change, then society already has one less that’s ‘infected’ and has one more cured. Remember how contagious society is… so those around you will catch your cure too. They will see you happy and in harmony and your way of living will influence them without them even knowing.  Butterfly effect. 

There are many levels of war. Perhaps the rawest and cruellest are with a weapon with people pulling triggers. 

There are also minor actions of war… lies, tricks, infidelity, addictions… this means that at one level or another, we all must improve and evolve. 

With all my fondness and respect towards myself but also with sincerity, I accept and pick up on my imperfections as a Human Being and I’m aware of my ego that is still in me. I really wish and decree to continue to change and install more and more LOVE in my BEING so I don’t contaminate anymore with my actions and maybe help with them. 

And to all who feels to make a change, just as I felt to do, I send you all my fondness and support to start or to continue with your change towards LOVE.

If you’ll allow me, with all my respect and fondness, I send you a hug full of LOVE and PEACE. 



You Are a Divine Being

What you’re about to read is something that I feel to say to me and whoever that wants to hear it…

Perhaps it will arrive to 1 person, maybe 10, could be 100, maybe to ……..

My desire is that it reaches all of the humans there are, all 8 billion of us. 

Because this is the way we will change the World, and I know that it is possible.

I’m sorry to say it to you so often…

Let’s never forget the Divine and Wonderful Beings that we are. 

We are LIGHT

We are LOVE

We are Divine… 

I hope no one ever tricks you and makes you believe otherwise, you are not a name, a number, what you have, what you do and how you do it… 

You are not the last pair of glasses you bought. 

You are not the suit or dress you wear. 

You are not the watch that tries to mark your status. 


You aren’t the opinions of others. 

You aren’t the wonderful wrinkles that you judge and curse yourself for and label them as imperfections. 

All that is, isn’t what you are. 

What you, he, she, they, WE really are  Divine Souls that feel LOVE and Divine Compassion (who don’t pity). When you look at a Person/Soul in the eyes you are the bombardment of waves of LOVE that you feel. 

Please remember the moments of CONSCIENCE that you have had. Don’t get lost in the illusionary materials and external things in Life that make us believe they are the keys to bringing us happiness. 

I want you to know that Happiness can only be LIVED (not had), behind LOVE. And Love = Respect and Acceptance!!!

For this, let’s not forget the Divine Being of Light and LOVE that you are, just like everyone else. 

That’s why you LOVE YOURSELF and LOVE others.

That’s why you Respect yourself and Respect others.

That’s why you Accept yourself and you Accept others.


Loving yourself is the route to independence from the social circle that my/your/their unconscious has created. 


If you knew the true beauty that you are, you wouldn’t lose time in the criticism and judgements of others. You would devote yourself to Live solely through the marvellous Being that you are




To you, Grand Master-Child, don’t let society shape you at its whim…

To you Adult, regain your freedom and return to be the Grand Master that you were and still are inside…

Full of Freedom, Joy, excitement and desire to live!

With nothing but respect and LOVE, I share to those who feel to read it;

-It is not the same to know about something than to know something;

Knowing brings you the theory of something either through books or people. Books that were written by someone who may have learnt it through other books. Or through people that other people pass on information to who then pass it on to you. 

In the best case, the writer of the book or the person who passes the information has the Knowledge from personal experience and this made them soak up their own experiences through which they lived emotions and feelings that have made them obtain the knowledge first hand. 

That will make what you transmit reach you more deeply, but it will not be the same as if you experience it…right?

If this sits well with you, then you will agree that it always contributes and means more to know something, through personal experience, rather than to know it through others. 

Let’s write this down here to link it later… 

On one hand, 

We see that when you plant a watermelon seed, the consequence is that in a few months you will receive a watermelon and not a potato. If what you want is a potato you will then have to plant the appropriate seed for to then receive a potato… right?

Let’s also leave this reflection here to recover it later…

And I say to society… you could have left me alone and not train me and conform me to a textbook and be just the same as the rest. I don’t want to fit your mold. I don’t want to serve you and whilst doing that believing that I am fortunate to be even able to live this way because you have prepared me for it. Am I supposed to believe that my whole life is just to be able to have a job that gives me something to eat?

Why do you not let me be what I want, feel and desire. Why don’t you let me take out that magic that’s inside of me and plant the seeds that we all have? You bring us so much fear about the Magic that is in me (and that’s in the rest of all Human Beings).

Why, since I was a kid, did you grab me with your claws and inoculated your control virus and begin to manipulate me?

So strong and great is my potential that from an early age you started to tie me up and train me emotionally?

You, society, you have mounted your circus very well, your tentacles are scattered everywhere in daily life. Everything is very well tied.

That is why you insist so much that we all look for and need the same. 

Because if all of us in general are more or less cut by the same cloth, then it’s easier for you to direct-manage-control the “cattle”, truth?

What would happen if everyone was independent and did what his interior-Being makes him feel? Well, you would start having many problems, right?

Don’t try to cheat me with your entanglements by making me believe that we are free and that everyone can do what they want and like, because it is not like that! 

Society, let me tell you something…

Imagine a very large building. On each floor of the building there are many rooms in which to develop and there are different activities and things to do within. You make me believe that I am free to choose between those hundreds of activities and things, but I tell you…

What I want is to not be a prisoner in this building. Since I was born, you have made me believe that it is the only thing that exists!!! I want to go out and be Free!!! I want to do what I feel and want!!!

But you have locked the exit of the building. Your key that closes the lock is called fear. But I have discovered the key that opens it! It’s called RELEASING ME OF FEAR!!! 

But to be able to find it, to even know that it exists, I have to arrive through something more important… LOVE!!!

Understanding LOVE as Respect, Acceptance and Gratitude. 

You, society, has made me believe that only in this “great building” you created is the “good life”, although I have really realised that it is the slave Life. Everyone, somehow in some way shape or form has believed in you. In believing in you, you have must us in constant fear, needing constant approval and false reassurance. Still (although not for a long time), there is a majority that believes in what you have told us: that you have to try to excel in the “big building” and have to have more and be more than the others to receive the praise and attention that will make us feel very good. Because of that, when someone discovers your Big Lie and tries to get the key to leave the PRISON that you have set up, the rest of those who still believe that this “big building” is the only thing that exists and that they’re very free inside of it and able to go to any floor or room inside of it. Will make us feel crazy, and they’ll make us feel judged and rejected that will make you think twice and full of doubts. 

But if I learn to LOVE and Respect myself I will not need the approval of others and then I can take the key that is called “RELEASE ME FROM FEARS” and then open the door and finally be free, doing what I FEEL AND WISH TO EXPERIENCE AND THEN KNOWING MORE AND MORE!!! Above all, I will be able to know more about myself to be able to get closer to that Divine and Wonderful Human Being I and all of us are. 

-Do we realise the social suffocation that there is from ‘what will they say and think?’? 

  • I have to behave like this… to be accepted.

  • I have to dedicate myself to this or the other so that they respect me.

  • I have to have more and be more than the others in order to feel good. 

  • Even if I do not like what I do, I have to continue doing it for my status above others.

  • If I am lucky enough to dedicate myself to what I like, then I have to dedicate many hours to get the maximum benefit and demonstrate (TO OTHERS) how much I am worth, even if it means spending less time with my family and the people I love.

After all this, a reflection comes;

If I am an adult, would it not be good to start letting go of all that training I received as a child? AT MY OWN RHYTHM AND HOWEVER IT’S POSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO SO.

Remember that the solution is to free myself from fears through LOVING MYSELF, Respecting and Accepting myself, so as to not depend on what others think about me…

If as an adult you are able to do it, you will give the greatest gift to those Grand Masters that are possibly your sons, daughters, nieces or nephews. 

Some of the many things that society uses to prevent us expanding our inner Being and Magic are:

… you have no right to express yourself and if you dare do so, you will receive judgement for not doing what “in theory” is correct.

… you have to do what I tell you at every moment, now laugh, now say hello, now be quiet, now go from here to play… and then you will be a good child. 

… makes us be slaves of others, listening to these things from other people who are very trapped in the “big building”.

Through you, I have to be happy, you are my Joy so do everything that makes me happy. The virus of dependence on others is a contagious one.

… do not express your emotions. If you cry, I will tell you not to cry so you will not be relieved. If you are sad, I will make you feel bad for being in that state, even though it is so Human and necessary at times. If you’re happy, I will make you feel guilty for being so. 

… you have to be more and better than the others, but at the same time, you’re a failure and a nobody. 

Would you like to be YOURSELF and do what you really want (logically respecting the space and freedom of others) and experience this in your life?


From now on, express what you truly feel and think!

Do what you’d really like to do!

Do not allow anyone to interfere in your decisions physically nor emotionally (which are often even more powerful).

Perhaps you feel that today is difficult, or even, very difficult right?

You know why?

Prepare to hear it… 

Because you are (to a greater or lesser extent) society.

It is you who limits your freedom. It is you who has locked yourself in the key of fear. 

But it’s also you who can open it starting with…




You’re a Divine and Wonderful Human Being!!! Never forget it!!!

If LOVE is born out of RESPECT & ACCEPTANCE towards yourself, you will soon begin to not need so many opinions of you from others. 

Going back to the beginning of this writing; 


  • WHEN YOU PLANT THE METAPHORICAL SEED, ALLOW IT TO FLOWER WITHOUT OBSESSING OVER WHEN ITS GOING TO BE READY AND WHAT IT’S GOING TO LOOK LIKE. This applies in the same way as doing something and letting the outcome arrive without trying to control it, as opposed to being nervous about outcomes etc. Do it because you feel it, and then let it be for life will arrange everything. 

This is the best lesson, much more than what the fear may have been before doing the action and the quarrel for having done it. 


I wanted to end by saying that this writer puts Acceptance and Respect on the top of his list, with all the wonderful faults that he carries with him. He is so grateful to be transforming them by transmuting them and freeing them…

Also, needless to say that this is only just feeling that passes to opinion and then is shared with only those who desire it. It is only to share and in no way teach. 

If you’ll allow me, I send you an infinite hug full of Respect, Affection and LOVE…


Good evening full of happiness!

With all my respect, I share this feeling for whoever feels and wishes... 

Ayyyy… if you knew who you are…

Ayyyy… if you knew what you are… 

Never again would you do things you didn’t want to you wouldn’t live like a slave to others talking or acting in a certain way so that they accept, flatter or praise you… 

Because all of you are pure LIGHT and Divinity!

Beyond your body there is an infinite Being in all the senses…

Do you know what abundance is?

Abundance is something that never ends. Meanwhile a lot of other things have an end!!!

Besides, abundance comes from our connection with the infinite Being that we are!!!

Whereas a lot is the product of the ego (egoistic and insensitive) that only wants to accumulate and accumulate, believing that it is more than others… that is unconsciousness!!!

Abundance is Generous!!!

The ego is selfish and hoarding. 

Abundance gives tranquillity because it is infinite!

The ego subsists and lives in a sea of fears to stop accumulating even more and losing what has already been achieved… 

The ego seeks to monopolize and seize friends, material objects, titles, triumphs, more beauty… 

(In addition to all that entails a very high toll payment of unhappiness and physical illness).

Our Being in infinite and Abundant while our ego-body is finite and limited… 

Then why not live from the self? 

Because from the moment we came to this world we were taught to become completely involved with our body, making us forget our true essence that is our Being-Soul-Spirit-Energy.

Maybe you’re saying, ok, I understand what I you’re saying and I feel like it is so, but how do I reconnect and live from my being???

If that is the case, let me share something from the maximum respect and affection towards you:

- Visualise an ocean… if you separate a drop of ocean with a dropper, what you really have in that dropper is a portion of the ocean, right? And that drop has the same components as the ocean, right? 

If the drop is still separated from the ocean, it will lose all the infinity and Abundance that it has- until it reconnects and unites the ocean again, right? 

Using that example, your Being-Soul-Energy is a drop of the Source of which we are all a part. And that Source is pure and total Abundance from which everything originates, it is absolute LOVE!!! Full of generosity and a giver of energy to everything that exists!

It depends on us, if guided by the ego, we separate ourselves trying to be different from the other droplets/souls and consequently, we lose our abundance and/or awareness of what we really are and thus to be able to thrive in our Abundance!!!

And how do we do it???

… Through LOVE!!! The source or Origin is absolute LOVE and if we begin to tune in with that energy of LOVE in us, like a magnet, we will meet again with our Ocean-Origin-Absolute Love, returning to be connected with that Divinity and LOVE what we really are!!!

And for this we have to start, here and now in our daily life, from the smallest daily actions, focusing on doing them from LOVE and not from the ego. 

The ego has taught us to;

  • Protect and protest.

  • Never be satisfied with ourselves and/or with what surrounds us, pushing us to demand more.

  • Lying and cheating to create or maintain a status above the rest. 

  • Betray, if necessary in order to continue having more and more… whether material or contacts or friendships.

  • To obtain all kinds of achievements-triumphs-titles-medals, at the expense of what has been said before, in order to demonstrate how separate and different I am from the populace and how special and admirable I am.

However, LOVE is a continuum;

  • Respect and Acceptance towards myself and others.

  • Acknowledgement and Gratitude to everything although I do not like it because I know that I can learn and grow from that.

  • Greaten towards myself and others.

  • Comprehension towards myself and others… 

And the closer we get to LOVE and bring it to our lives, the more Abundance will reach us!

Because it is from infinite LOVE where Abundance arises that therefore also is infinite!

LOVE = Abundance

Let’s put LOVE in our Lives so that Abundance accompanies us!!!

Everything shared here is simply a feeling that is shared from the maximum Respect without trying or pretending to teach or make anyone believe that it is so.

If someone who comes to you does not share the feeling then, Absolute respect and LOVE to them because there is nothing more beautiful in this Life than to share feelings and opinions, far from trying to convince or bring reason, this is a matter of the ego and personally I do not want it in my life.

If you’ll allow me, close your eyes for a few seconds and if you wish you will receive this INFINITE hug and ABUNDANT and full of LOVE…


The Subject of Love

Good afternoon full of happiness!!!

I feel to share this feeling I have to any one that wishes, as always it’s from my maximum respect and LOVE…

Let’s talk about partners, but not just the sentimental partners, two friends can also be partners, father and son, mother and daughter, including the colleagues with whom we work…

At the beginning, when two people are strongly attracted, we usually believe there is a love between them, but what are we calling love?

Sometimes, without anything happening, you can feel something very nice towards another person, sometimes you want to spend every moment with that person. So we say “Uff, I love them so much”

But with time the force of attraction, which you didn’t know where it came from, seems to weaken and it becomes unclear why suddenly it’s fading. A person can give just as they were before but it’s not to the same effect, it can become uncomfortable or even un-tolerable to be in that relationship due to things that they may say or do. Sometimes the relationships even comes to an end. 

(Evidently in the case of a relationship between parents & children, it has to reach a very extreme point to make that happen, but it can still happen and it does happen…)

Maybe sometimes we confuse LOVE with attraction or with personal gains that certain relationships can bring us, be it sentimental, friendships, paternal/maternal, colleagues…

But what is LOVE? Perhaps it will help us to clarify what LOVE is. 

(I return to insist that this is my feeling to share, it’s not to pretend to show, teach or convince anybody.) 

Honestly, I feel that LOVE, is something that we are still far from fully understanding. 

Theoretically, I would say that LOVE is you, that wonderful and divine Being that you are! If we are not totally conscious of the fact, then it’s difficult to try and understand and spread it to others.

But something that for me personally has helped me to understand and experience it in my life was to simplify it more and bring it to a more everyday level, and that was to feel that LOVE started in respecting myself, accepting myself, and being grateful towards myself. 

Respect every ‘fault’ I perceived in me, accept it, and then beyond protesting and judging I would be grateful for it and appreciate it. Because thanks to that annoying and uncomfortable ‘fault’ a gift would be left that would help me to evolve as a person and bring me closer to my essence as a Divine Human.

With that, I feel that LOVE is respect, acceptance and gratitude. 

LOVE = respect + acceptance + gratitude.

Going back to the relationships…

If we observe the sentimental ones;

There is an explosion of attraction that anesthetises me of anything that happens, everything is fine, until that explosion is diluted, therefore ending the anaesthesia, with that, the disappointments begin, the ‘you should haves’, the injustices towards me. The partners will nearly always reach the impossibility to be able to live together and share each other’s lives.

If we take a closer look, we will see that in that relationship in no moment was LOVE the primary engine. First, it was the chemical explosion and when that was over, the ego takes control on both sides (little does it matter that one sides ego was heavier than the other, in the end, both pursued the same thing, moulding the other to a desire so that it suited whoever best).

In a couple’s relationship (albeit sentimental, friendship, work, family…) is where we can learn most from our ‘faults’. Because what I perceive in the other that annoys me is the reflection of what really lives in me in some way in my life. If that’s so then I do not like me.

If we observe ourselves with courage, without any protective shield, we will be able to observe, little by little, that what bothered me or bothers me about that person is in one way, shape or form, in me (even if it’s at another level and intensity) and its very probable that I ignored it at the beginning, just like I did with myself. I am certain that I have a lot of things to improve, so when that happens where you get irritated by someone in some way, you have to observe yourself without a shield to see what degree of it you have in you. 

That’s why the most important thing in a relationship is the LOVE between both parties. 

It’s to say that RESPECT towards the other and their ‘faults’ paired with ACCEPTANCE towards them and their ‘faults’, I believe, makes the fundamental building block to then be able to travel a path together and THANKS to that, you will grow as Human Beings and people!

A couple’s relationship is where we can grow the most. Seeing with LOVE the ‘faults’ of others and recognising them in you. 

Like this, you can give THANKS to them because thanks to them, you learnt, grew and evolved as Human Beings. 

So if we could break down the true meaning of I LOVE YOU it would be like this;

I RESPECT you just as you are.

I ACCEPT you just as you are.

I am GRATEFUL for being able to grow next to you. 

That is what I felt to share with you all, with my maximum RESPECT & LOVE to you. 

That is why whether or not you judge me as a person and all that I have shared with you, I LOVE YOU in the same way, because I RESPECT you and I ACCEPT your opinion or way of feeling and thinking.

If we look when there is LOVE in relationships, there is no possibility or room to have conflict!!!


P.S I spoke of normal circumstance because we know that there are relationships where it is best to finish them and leave.

That is also LOVE because one that LOVES & RESPECTS herself leaves no room for someone to disrespect them. 

From my soul, I wish to tell all my relationships that I LOVE them with everything I have. 

And in a special way to the teacher with whom I share my life… 

I love you Karina… 

LOVE = Respect + Acceptance + Appreciation

If you’ll let me…