Thank you sciatica!

Good evening full of harmony and calm…

I feel to share an experience for those who feel and wish…


A few years ago (about 20) a person who saw that I was changing many things in my way of living, thinking and acting said to me;

“Oooh Pepe, you are changing a lot aren’t you! You are very weird, maybe even a little crazy.”

The truth is that they were right, that my ways of thinking and acting were very different from before, but those changes gave me so. much more tranquillity and happiness in my life.


My reaction to that person’s statement (who was very close to me) could have been:

1-    That their comments make me feel weird and isolated from what is called “normal” and therefore made me stop acting, thinking and living as I felt and wanted to and pushed me to return to my previous state of discomfort, but I would at least then have been accepted by that person and every other “normal” person.

2-  Tell him: “Yes, it is true, that I think and act in a very different way to the way          did before, and if that is being weird and crazy, I will tell you that I want to be much weirder and crazier because that will make me even happier and bring even more tranquillity to my life. The change you have seen in me is the reason that I am now happier than before and much calmer and harmonious than ever before!”


Of course, if I responded with number 2, knowing full well that it wouldn’t be easy to have the respect of others…


I had the great fortune of being able to close my eyes and tell myself: whatever happens. I JUMP! And whatever they say, I prefer to have a little more peace, calm and harmony in my life every day. Being judged by many and not being accepted beats living in a way that I understand does not make me happy.


On that occasion there weren’t (and still aren’t) laws that prevented me from changing my way of thinking, acting and living. Although it is true that the pressure to which are subjected by the judgement of others sometimes acts with the force and vigour of a law. It is like a law not written on paper, but somehow more powerful, thanks to the judgments you receive from others.


Everything that I share is to arrive to the experience that I have had in the past 3 months.


I will summarise it without going into deep details to get to the point that I feel and want to share;


Three months ago, I had a mishap that made me have a very annoying sciatica, becoming very acute at times. I treated myself with an osteopath several times with no result.  I went to another, again, no result.

My infinite gratitude goes to all the people who have helped me so much through the years!


I had to resort to regular medicine, the chemical one, even having to prick myself on two occasions so I could insert the muscle relaxer needles. Still, my sciatica was there and getting worse by the day. I felt inside of me that this pain was stemming from a very important emotional issue. Anyway, finally yesterday I surrendered myself to a doctor… AND HERE IS WHERE I ARRIVE TO WHERE I WANTED.


Yes, she is a licensed doctor, but she mostly practices what they have begun to call "pseudo therapies" and more contemptuously deceitful and fake. She has mainly used Kinesiology and homeopathy in addition to other "pseudo therapies" throughout the years of her medical career. And of course, she does all of full of passion, Humanity and Honesty!!!


Well, thanks to this person and her knowledge in ‘pseudo therapy’, in the hour of writing this, I can say that the sciatica is 80% better. The best about it all is that what was indeed provoking it, was from an emotional block. It’s now down to me to face these issues head on. There is nothing I like more than to observe my Divine and Wonderful ‘lacks’ and put myself to work!


We have heard many a times and we continue to be bombarded by these attempts to badmouth a series of THERAPIES that can help us very much. The most worrying of all is that it’s trying to be prohibited by law so we won’t be able to use them!


It goes without saying that I don’t have anything against regular medicine, on the contrary, I have been tremendously grateful for it on many occasions in my life so far.


I am in fact the son and the grandson of GP’s. My extension of Gratitude goes to all those doctors- each and every one has spent years of preparation to be able to share their knowledge and try to help the sick. However, please do not steal from us the possibility of choice and don’t use lies as a tool to try and prohibit other kinds of therapies.


 Or better said, we shouldn’t be allowed to speak without experience and take others assumptions as truth, especially when they haven’t personally experienced what they’re talking about. There are definitely therapist’s with no shame in doing ‘bad’ things just like there are gardeners, cab drivers, mechanics, tennis coaches and doctors like that. But just because there are some bad ones, it doesn’t mean that every single one of them is bad.


In the media, it seems like only the bad ones are shown, not the ones that actually really help our health, balance us and are Honest and Human. I say balance us because at the end of the day, health is having alignment in not just our bodies, but alignment of habits, ways of acting, thinking and feeling to be in harmony of health too. We frequently search for the easy options, take a pill and the problem disappears. However, it just doesn’t work like this, and it just doesn’t take the problem away, it just masks it until a later stage when it reappears but with much more strength than before.


I know that the Person-Doctor that helped me balance my body today doesn’t need naming but I feel that what fills her soul is for information like this be released in this way, not just for her but for all the ‘pseudo therapists’.

So, I feel the necessity to name her in case anyone in any moment finds themselves wanting to see her. Life led me to her 11 years ago and it was because someone else told me about her and her Divine and Wonderful ‘pseudo sciences’. That’s why today, I feel to share my experience too.

In society today we are much quicker to say anything judgemental or critical than to speak of the good from others… why is that when it costs the same?


Katherine Polman is her name, and her office is in San Pedro de Alcantara (about 5km from Marbella).


Of course, there are many other doctors and I hope the number of them will keep growing. Both allopathic and holistic. Thanks to every one of them because all of them have the intention to help.


But please… do not let us steal the Freedom to choose and decide with the excuse that it is ‘to protect us’. We are not children and it is our responsibility to investigate and try things so we can decide for ourselves.


Thank you, Kati, thank you to every doctor who feels the desire to help in any which way they can.


And if you’ll let me finish by expressing how I feel…


The greatest medicine that exists, both in prevention and cure is LOVE!!!


The sciatica has taught me a little more about the lack of LOVE in my life! Instead of feeling sad it fills me with joy! I can continue to grow in my Divine and Wonderful shortcomings!



Thank you sciatica!

Thank you Kati!

Thank you scientific medicine

Thank you holistic medicine

Thank you FREEDOM




An infinite hug full of Respect, Affection and LOVE.