Novak, thank you for the great work you are doing as a Human Being

Good afternoon full of Joy and Happiness!

With all my respect, I wish to share something to those who wish to hear it. It’s something that may not be read in the mainstream press but would be wonderful to know.

The work on our Human Being is essential in any profession, at any level, ahead of anything else. It’s not social success that brings Happiness, Harmony and Peace to our lives but the awareness of who we really are as Divine and Wonderful Human Beings.

In my opinion, we live in a society where they encourage us to exalt people who do things “better” than others. We separate and distance ourselves from each other and we glorify, idolise and even worship the ones that do it “better”. Such a mistake and what a horror!

The press and the media cover everything that surrounds every new triumph achieved and they don’t stop inflating the character who has achieved it in an attempt to show us that they are “different”, sometimes even using adjectives that are so accepted and normal already yet so dangerous, such as the description of being “supernatural” or “unhuman like”

Unhuman... we are Human!

Unknowingly, we are accepting that yes, they are “better” and different and that is why they should be more respected than the rest. We, as a society are the first to give them that time and title. Because of this, they are given more “attention respect” (albeit an artificial Respect as it will be taken away as soon as they stop winning) than others.

Then we get surprised when our nieces or nephews suffer when they lose and get nervous either just before the game or even up to days before.


Because we have been convinced that I really need to “succeed” in order to be accepted and respected by society so we can then be treated with more attention than the rest ...

Too bad that we are so entangled in that viscous spider web of unconsciousness, to believe and try to fight to be more and better than others in order to receive those "privileges" of being different and better.

It does not interest the press and many others, because there is still a great mass that remains unconscious believing that the most important thing is success and triumph over the Divine and Wonderful Human Being that EVERYONE OF US ARE WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

That is why Novak, I would like to thank you for the great work you are doing as a Human Being over the character that society wants to create for your triumphs and sporting achievements.

If only they knew all the work you’ve put in these past weeks with Your Self...

Of course, you have trained on the court and in the gym impressively and then after with your physio sessions too, always in an impeccable and professional way! But what is little known is the Humility that you’ve had in order to be able to work on your Human Being, not falling into the temptation to believe and feel what all those millions of people tempt you to believe, that you are incredible, that your last triumph in Wimbledon is branded as the "best" so far, for being the "number 1" and therefore "better" than the others.

You work to avoid falling into the grip and jaws of the ego that pretends to make you believe different is "better" and so therefore you’re more respected and more heroic than others.

You know very well that this is a complete illusion, because just as quickly as you stop "winning" they will take it away to give it to the next one, making you believe that they then are the most important and amazing... You have also had the privilege of knowing it from your own experience ... Two years ago you were judged, criticized and questioned because you no longer "won" like you used to and all the "privileges" of flattery and dazzling adjectives disappeared, only for them to now return and be granted as if they were medals that are removed and then put back on...

But you work on your Human Being above your character, your facet of husband and father, brother, friend...

During these 3 weeks it has been fundamental for you not to feel “better” than anyone else and to digest your success in Wimbledon with Humility and recognise what it entails professionally speaking. Of course, you train and work for those kind of titles with desire and intensity and enthusiasm but without losing the priority of the Human Being that you are before all that.

Therein lies the difference, to prioritise the Human Being that we are before the character that they try to build around the titles that are added in to our lives.

And when I say titles, it can also be in reference to finishing degrees of medicine, architecture, botany, law and teaching ... but we don’t become doctors, architects, professors ... rather we are still Divine and Wonderful Human beings who are dedicated to agriculture, medicine, architecture, teaching and that doesn’t make us better or worse.

That is why Novak, I want to Thank you for being an example and somehow a pioneer (in the world of high competition) in putting your work as a Human Being (in recent years) before your profession that you do so well, but that you do not think so better than the others.

It has been and is a privilege and gift to be a spectator and companion of your Wonderful process in these 7 years.


Hopefully it will be an example for all of us ... it would be so wonderful if we all help and encourage the little ones to take that path of putting the Human Being before triumphs and titles ...

Let us each place our grain of sand, starting with us not educating in values but living those values and being an example of them ...

To you, Divine and Wonderful Human Being reading this, whether or not you agree with this opinion that has been shared, let me send you an infinite hug full of Respect, Affection and LOVE...