Selfishness Destroys and Separates Us

Good Afternoon full of harmony and calmness…

I feel like sharing a tough that has given way to an emotion… And always from the most absolute respect to anyone who might think or feel differently. Because what’s about to be shared has no intention to teach or tell anyone how to think.

Here it goes with all my LOVE and respect:

Our physical body is composed of millions of cells, and these cells are part of our organs and different areas of our body.

Imagine for a second that our cells became crazy and started to believe as individual beings that they are more important that the other ones, and the started to compete and create rivalries, causing jealousy and envy amongst them and even fight and destroy the other cells to become more worthy and get more recognition. 

For example, imagine the cells on the right hand fighting against the cells on the right elbow and these ones at the same time fighting against the cells on the right shoulder all in all to be the best in the right arm? 

Let’s think the cells in the right shoulder win this battle. Because of their unconsciousness they will think it has been a success to eliminate the ones in the right elbow and hand, as they then become the only responsible cells for the whole arm. But very quickly they will learn that killing the other parts of the arm, has caused its mobility as a whole to deteriorate significantly (due to the loss of the right elbow) and the ability to grab things has completely disappeared because of the death of the cells in the right hand.

But maybe they think this way: “well, let’s win over the left hand and we solve the problem”…

The right arm begins invading the left and starts a fight against it (which was in harmony), battling against the left shoulder, and then the left elbow “winning” over the left hand. But the left hand fought ferociously and caused it to lose several of its abilities. The right arm thought consequently: “now we need to win over the legs and feet so we can move and go to places far away”. And started more fights to achieve its goal…

It continued consecutively until what it used to be a body in complete harmony and full of abilities became a very weak and deteriorated one that suffered and suffered till death, caused by all the wounds and harm from numerous fights and wars…

Don't you think that we as individuals-cells (close to seven thousand million people in the world) are separating ourselves and weakening as humanity? As well as killing our home, Mother Nature?

What are we doing?

Most likely some may say: “True, these awful wars between countries and governments due to their wish for power are killing us!!!”

That might be true, but on the one side of the scale 100 kgs count the same way as 1 Kg, both add up to the total end, right?

I cannot change what you or the others do, but I can change what I do. Judging another cell is not the same as hitting it or steal from it, but at the end it is an attack as well… and that cell-person that I am criticising might think that it has nothing to do with me (maybe it is a foot cell and I am  one from the shoulder), but in a way we are a part of the same…

It is so easy to see faults in others and so difficult to see our destructive actions, as little as they might be… don’t you think?

And honestly, please don’t take it personally, as this which I am sharing is who I am saying it to, so that tomorrow I can wake up a bit more ready and conscious to act from a place of LOVE (in other words, respect and acceptance) towards others even if I don’t agree with their actions. In the end, if one starts a big fire on one side of the mountain and another person a little one in a different hill of the same mountain, it still burns and causes damage, even if it is much less…

Wouldn’t it be better to plant and water it than burn it?

And the most important of all… Before we worry about the world and how to take care of it, let’s start with taking care of ourselves. Respecting us, accepting us and not starting a war with myself…

Let’s start LOVING more in order to then share LOVE with others…

Yes, maybe some think it is impossible and a utopia… All my respect towards them.

But the one who starts to LOVE, respect and accept himself will see that it feels really good and on top of that, it is much easier to understand and respect others!!!

If there is a big fire in The Mountain, one might think:

“The mountain is already on fire so it won’t matter much if I throw this cigarette because it will burn anyway…”

Someone else might say: “I am going to take a bucket full of water and help to put the fire out!!!”

If there are few who take a bucket to fill it with water and throw it towards the fire, it truly will burn anyway, but if the group of people is very big, full of desire and illusion to extinguish it, they will put it out for sure!!!

And I ask you who are reading this:


Do you want to finish this way of living that is so inhuman, full of personal interests, lies, control, betrayals…? That thanks to all of us (and no one is excluded, as little as it might be), who have created this? As the first and most important bucket is to start with oneself, not judging, critiquing or insulting oneself (even if it is a simple… “you are so stupid!!” Remember that it all adds up).

Let’s end the fire with LOVE!!! If you think it is a utopia at least don’t throw the cigarette towards the burning fire as it doesn’t help!!!

Why don’t we LOVE-RESPECT AND ACCEPT ourselves with every single one of our Divine and Wonderful imperfections and limitations?!! That way we won’t need to win over anyone of prove we are better than anyone because WE ARE ALL ONE!!! WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!

Hopefully we can live from that consciousness!!

With all my respect, I take this opportunity to send you a big hug full of Respect, Care and LOVE!!!