Responsibility Over Guilt

Good afternoon full of happy and joyful greetings! I am sharing my feelings with you with all respect and love, in case anyone should feel to read them. I write this without any intention of teaching or making out this is so, I just want to share this with you with all my LOVE...

There are many destructive emotions but the fault perhaps lies with our elders. Have you ever stopped to notice the times you have felt guilty of something?

Guilt exists if we live in the illusion of ego. Understanding the ego is to understand the belief that I am my body, my name, my job, how I do it and what other think of me.

If we live from the ego then guilt will often attack and trap us. Because it makes us believe that:

My body isn’t up to the accepted or admired standard. And I feel to blame for that.

What I do for a living and how I do it isn’t good enough, or as good as those around me, and I am to blame.

Other peoples’ opinions of me, their judgement and their criticism makes me feel inferior and I am to blame.

And many more things like this...

But all of them can only live through the unconscious belief that I am simply a physical body.

How cruel guilt is, how stingy guilty is, how unfair guilt is, how insensitive guilt is, how murderous guilt is....

Yes, guilt is a killer – however uncomfortable this word is, it is a killer.
There are many people who can’t cope with so much guilt, and in effort to rid themselves of it use drugs, alcohol, sex...and for a few moments these strong experiences overcome the distress of living in guilt. Even on occasions taking their life in the belief that they will end the unbearable pain that guilt produces.

However, guilt can’t exist if we gain consciousness of who we really are!

Who we really are is Divine and Wonderful Human Beings!!! Call it Soul, Being, Energy... however you feel most comfortable. But that really is who we are. And that Being/ Soul is what gives life to our physical bodies.

Have you ever stopped to think that a mother or a father of a babe in arms (who hasn’t yet been captured by society or by any of the ego/body/profession/opinion illusion) – and people said that their child isn’t good enough or slow or incapable....these parents would find it ridiculous and wouldn’t be influenced by anything anyone said about their baby, because they’re fully aware that the baby is the most Divine and Wonderful thing they’ve ever known, because their baby is still pure soul, energy who hasn’t been corrupted by the ego illusion.

But if the same situation is repeated, at 10, 15, 20 etc years old, I’m sure those parents wouldn’t have the same certainty and they’d be more affected by the fact that their child has been judged to be not good enough.

Crazy! Don’t you think?

To think that the same Divine Being that was years ago, has now been captured too by society and its tentacles that make us live from our ego and thus disconnect us from our light.

What’s it all for? Because very soon in life we forget what we really are and we come to believe that we are just our names, surnames, bodies, whatever we dedicate ourselves to and however well we do it, only to await the verdict that others give us. Of course, if we don’t meet expectations then guilt has the door already open to pull us inside.

But please, to you who is reading this, pause for a few moments to remember who exactly you really are...


Yes, you can live with your body as a partner and dedicate yourself to certain things in your daily life and spend time with other Divine and Wonderful Human Beings.
Of course, there will be things that you will learn you’re better or worse at than them. But these things will make you feel like more or less than them because you are still a Divine and Wonderful Human Being just as they are too.

Just like that, guilt will not have a space in your life.
It will be like a louse that lives in a head or hair if you shave the hair off completely the louse can no longer cling to anything.
If we free ourselves from the illusion of the ego, guilt will have nothing to cling to.

And so what happens is that we will give way to the RESPONSIBILITY of the acts we do and when they’re wrong, we wont feel guilt, but instead responsibility, this will be like taking conscience and through that we will learn. But without the destructive whip that is guilt.

All of this has been evoked because I am on a long flight and watching a movie about a father and son (I must say and very loving and good father, in my opinion). The son who is around 17 years old and in a rehab center for drug abuse was granted permission to spend Christmas Eve at his family home. The son, for the first time in a long time was feeling very much in a state of LOVE and consciousness but something happened in the house that evening of which he had nothing to do with and the father furiously yelled at him “You see, whenever you come home something awful always happens. It’s all your fault”.

The boy was so taken aback he ran from home... Unconsciously he was accepting all the guilt that was thrown at him and he felt terrible. He was trying to suppress the impulse to use again but he was struggling.
His mother ended up going out looking for him and before he had the chance to consume the drugs she found him and hugged him and told him she loves him and that he is the most beautiful thing that has ever existed in life.

Whilst still hugging the pair of them cry and cry and cry from LOVE.

Even though it was just a film, I want to take the opportunity to tell the father to not feel guilty for saying what he said. Only take the responsibility to try to not say it again.

Ok so, you know what?

Now it’s me who is crying and crying from LOVE, through the gift from the movie, LIFE has reminded me once more to be even more conscious of how vital it is to be conscience of what and who we really are... DIVINE & WONDERFUL SOULS who should never feel guilty, only responsible...