Love Above Ego

If you want and feel, I invite you to something, 

I invite you to this reflection;

Imagine the current of a deep and clean river that’s purely rain water, straight from the sky. Imagine every single infinite drop of rain water in that river has a conscience. Now imagine that each of them were falling ill to egoism and they were competing with the other drops, pushing them, fighting them trying to prove which one was more important, even forming groups of drops so they could become stronger together, separating themselves so they could become queens of the river bed. 

Is that what would happen? Losing more and more drops in these clashes, the force of the river bed would also diminish and the water would end up stagnant and rotten. The drops would not be able to reach the sea and oceans all together and full of energy, pure and fresh to then be evaporated from the heat and ride back up to the sky and be ready to be offered again to Mother Nature where She might direct them to Her rivers again or to Her fields to fertilise together with the Sun and the seeds and eventually be the food of the Beings. 

Of course, we all see the above as ridiculous. The drops would never be so absurd as to start a war of ego seeing as they would all lose and be tortured and stressed. 

Well, this what we see so clear with the example of the river, is what we don’t see so clearly about our own lives. 

We believe we are independent and separate, so we fight each other to differentiate ourselves based on achievements, possessions, beauty, health, qualifications. To obtain these things, we work with our ego to push us to do whatever it takes so we can possess any of the things mentioned above, thinking they will make us feel more important than anyone else and therefore better about ourselves. We fail to realise that the only thing we are achieving is to separate ourselves from each other. 

In this universe everything is contagious, either for good, or bad. If the game that we play is the war to be better and different then we have to realise that everyone loses. But if we understand that we all come from the same origin and we are all equal then, COMPREHENSION, SUPPORT, LISTENING, ACCEPTANCE, CARE and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE will be natural acts between us all.  What I do and how I treat others will dictate how I feel, because at the other end/the person I’m talking to is ME and I am the other, because we are all ONE.

All of us know the horrors of war, murders and pollutions of this earth all for economic interests. STOP

Pause just for a moment, feel and let it pass through you (so you don’t take on the responsibility or pain). The wars are beyond meaningless. For what are wars? What are they for? Why war? The answer = to feed egos… wars are pure egoism. 

All actions that separate us are loaded with egoism. If we manage to change ego into LOVE we will immediately eliminate all these atrocities that we are doing to ourselves. 

!!!Changing this is in our hands!!!

Being conscious enough to catch our ego in action, and in that moment we can change that act to LOVE. 

Please, don’t say “but it’s impossible since society is mounted like that.”.

NO NO NO. Just because it’s the comfortable thing to believe, if we live from that belief then we will never confront our ego and faults. If you change, then society already has one less that’s ‘infected’ and has one more cured. Remember how contagious society is… so those around you will catch your cure too. They will see you happy and in harmony and your way of living will influence them without them even knowing.  Butterfly effect. 

There are many levels of war. Perhaps the rawest and cruellest are with a weapon with people pulling triggers. 

There are also minor actions of war… lies, tricks, infidelity, addictions… this means that at one level or another, we all must improve and evolve. 

With all my fondness and respect towards myself but also with sincerity, I accept and pick up on my imperfections as a Human Being and I’m aware of my ego that is still in me. I really wish and decree to continue to change and install more and more LOVE in my BEING so I don’t contaminate anymore with my actions and maybe help with them. 

And to all who feels to make a change, just as I felt to do, I send you all my fondness and support to start or to continue with your change towards LOVE.

If you’ll allow me, with all my respect and fondness, I send you a hug full of LOVE and PEACE.