Through Love one can achieve true happiness.
We apply this principle to our tennis training.

Pepe Imaz Tennis is a professional tennis group training in Marbella, Spain.


our philosophy

Our goal is to help improve a players' tennis through technical, tactical and physical training.
But we give absolute priority to the person and not the “player”. 


The Team

Pepe Imaz Tennis is unlike a conventional academy style training facility. Players at academy's often feel lost & alone, which is exactly why we only ever have a small group of no more than 8 to 10 players.


We are exceptionally fortunate to practice out of the prestigious Puente Romano Tennis Club located in Marbella. The club boasts 8 world class clay courts, 2 plexipave hard courts, 4 padel tennis courts
and a gym.

More and more often professional players understand
the importance and need to be in harmony in order
to develop their potential, not only does it help them
but it does so with a lot less stress.

Players like;

· Novak Djokovic (Best ATP Ranking = 1)

· Daniela Hantuchova (Best WTA Ranking = 5)

· Flavia Penneta (Best WTA Ranking = 7)

· Fernando Verdasco (Best ATP Ranking = 7)

· Marcel Granollers (Best ATP Ranking = 19)

· Santiago Giraldo (Best ATP Ranking = 28)

· Pablo Andujar (Best ATP Ranking = 32)

· Oscar Hernandez (Best ATP Ranking = 48)

We name these HUMAN BEINGS because they have been or are competing at the highest level, in order show those who don’t believe, that it is possible to reach a high level with the focus being on LOVE.

Of course all of those who aren’t named, younger players or with a little bit ‘less’ ranking are equally good examples that one can play competitively from LOVE (Respect and Acceptance).

All of them work in this way of putting a lot of effort in their sport careers in order to reach the highest level possible without forgetting the importance that this way of Respect Affection Acceptance and Gratitude (or in other words LOVE) has in their professional and personal lives.

I will finish by saying something that Pepe always repeats and emphasises;

“Nobody is right, one just has their opinion and everyone can do as they feel. Nothing is better or worse, it simply is and the information is there, it might fit or be useful to somebody at this moment in their LIVES”.

It seems, at least for many people, that to compete goes hand in hand or together with stress, anxiety, nerves and they don’t believe its possible to play at the highest level being calm and in harmony.

For Pepe, however, there exists a way in which competing and being in harmony can coexist through LOVE.

For him, LOVE is the same as Respect, Acceptance and being Grateful.

LOVE = Respect + Acceptance
+ Gratitude

When one Accepts and Respects themselves how they are, with their mistakes and their right decisions and one feels grateful for the Human Being that he or she is, not better or worse, without depending on any achievements, the fear to not be accepted and the fear of rejection loses force over him or her. If one already has Respect and Acceptance for oneself it is not necessary to find or look for it outside. It is therefore not necessary to find this respect and acceptance from others which comes through victories and good results. 

But if we look closer, this “outside” respect and acceptance is not real its false, since if we lose we will not receive it…what sort of respect is that, which is only given if you win and not if you lose…

This converts me into a slave to all those around. If I win they respect me and if I lose they don’t…

The importance of being conscious of the Divine and wonderful being that we all are is key, and for this reason i Respect and Accept myself completely, no matter if I win or lose a match, no matter what my ranking is…

There have been and are many players who have worked and work to this day on their tennis and on the emotional side using this way with Pepe and the changes in them are remarkable…it brings to light the change from living a life in stress to one of much better quality, treating themselves and others around them better, and not only inside the court but outside as well.

Still there are people who believe (and all the respect to them) that in the highest levels of competition one cannot speak of LOVE in the form of Respect, Acceptance and Gratitude towards oneself. They believe that the only way which works is through pushing oneself to the limits and punishing oneself emotionally
for the mistakes they make and that its normal to shout (even curse) and insult
oneself in order to improve, instead of being compassionate, understanding
and having respect for oneself.

We give absolute priority to the person
and then the “player”.

Our goal is to help improve a players' tennis through technical, tactical and physical training.
But we give absolute priority to the person and then the “player”.
This means that we don’t treat players like products where one has to squeeze the most out of a player in order to become a “champion”.


By reading these books by Pepe, alongside the content on this site, 
it will be very easy for you to understand our Peace & Love philosophy.
You can download them here:





We would like to extend our maximum respect to all professionals who use different methods of training that may perhaps differ significantly in what we believe in.

When Pepe is asked about how he helps those that train with him, he starts with the following phrase;

“I do not believe in the reason, I believe in the opinion.”

This means that our methods and ways of working aren’t any better than any other, it is simply what we believe in. The value of these methods lies in the opinion of the person using them. 

Our methods differ significantly from conventional training which is usually tough, intense and high repetitions. This is not to say our method is “easy”, because it also needs hard work, dedication and commitment, but simply applied in a different manner. 

Human beings have infinite capacities and skills, the problem is that our mind limits us. Telepathy, telekinesis and many more things are all possible. The problem is that we have never been helped to develop these skills, on the contrary we have been made to believe that these things are impossible. 

Pepe’s intention is to teach players skills that will help them both personally and on the tennis court. 

The first thing he starts to work on is helping the player understand the importance of respect. To respect and accept people as they are, regardless of what they might have, do or achieve. Because above everything we are all humans, we are all equal. 

One of the tools we use often to help players with their tennis is visualisation. When you visualise a movement for example, the feeling of that movement automatically starts to become ingrained in your being. This takes away the need of having to repeat something thousands of times to force your muscles to remember that movement. Thus making the work sensitive as opposed to repetitive. 

Imagine for a moment two cars, one that has a maximum speed is 150 km/h and the other with a maximum speed of 220 km/h. However the second car, from the first day it left the dealership, has been fitted with a speed limiter of 150 km/h. So this means of course that it’s true potential has been limited and therefore become equal to the first car which it’s actual limit is 150 km/h. 

In Pepe’s opinion it is the same with animals and human beings. The human being has been limited from the very beginning into believing that it has many limitations until it is almost at the same level as animals. So much so that it is common to hear the phrase, “at the end of the day a man is just an animal.” And it’s true, we do do everything an animal can, but besides that, (if we were to remove the 'limiter'), we would have many more capabilities than animals. So having said that, if you look at many conventional teaching methods they are much the same as how you would train an animal. Repeat repeat repeat, followed by a gratifying reward, (food, compliments, etc). It’s true that it works, in a way, but it is very limited. This highly repetitive method is also painful and annoying to humans, but we’re made to believe that it is normal to be so hard and to suffer so much, that there is no other way.

This is where we respect but do not share the opinion, because we believe when you remove the limiter and start to show humans their true potential, everything becomes much easier, faster and more enjoyable!! 

We believe the key to removing that limiter, is love.


Pepe Imaz on "What is Success?"

"I'll start by saying in my opinion of course (respecting whichever other) that man is the most perfect and wonderful thing that exists and it is absurd to say that one man is better than another. It would be as if to say 10 is more than another 10. It is absurd because 10 is 10.  

However we have been made to believe that we are individuals and have been encouraged to be different from others by achievements, possessions, fame and other such things.

Speaking from experience, for many years I have worked with all "types" of people; sportsmen, celebrities, rich people, poor people, people with "social success" and without "social success". 

But regardless of the persons background, the cause of stress, anxiety and depression was the lack of love, respect and acceptance towards themselves. Furthermore, with people who had this "social success" stress, depression and fear was almost always much higher. Therefore I understand that "social success" does not bring happiness.

So for me, the meaning of "success" would be to describe a person who has installed the most happiness in their life. 

And in my opinion (as I have spent years trying not to lose my way from this path, working a little more each day towards it) happiness is reached through LOVE. Firstly starting with oneself, loving oneself, (not from a place of narcissism but from humility) and then to love others without judgment, with respect and acceptance. 

So to summarise;

Success = Happiness = Love

Therefore LOVE = SUCCESS”


Family atmosphere

Pepe Imaz Tennis is unlike a conventional academy style training facility.
Players at academy's often feel lost and alone, just part of a big factory,
which is exactly why we only ever have a small group of no more than 8 to 10 players.
Through our philosophy it is very important to us that the team feels very much like a family.

For a player to be part of the group, everyone must feel comfortable with one another.
So both the coaches and players must have a good feeling with the new person looking to join.
Vice versa it's equally important for the new player to feel comfortable with everyone in the group.
Without this balance and harmony, we can not have the family atmosphere that we do. 

We always do our best to travel together to competitions, with at least one of our coaches traveling with
the players, helping them to grow and to continue learning and improving on the road. 

Because we are such a small group, everything each player does is for their own specific growth as a person and as a player. Therefore there is never any time wasted on the court; unlike at many academies where players find themselves doing drills just because they're told to do so. For this reason we often practice tennis no more than 2 hours a day depending on what each individual player needs.



· Pepe Imaz · 

Each player works directly with Pepe to decide what they need to work on
emotionally, technically and tactically. To read more about Pepe, click here.






· Barry Fagan · 

Barry is from Ireland, trained with Pepe for 7 years reaching a very high level of professional tennis.
During these years he developed a great understanding of the work that Pepe does.
This has enabled him to be the ideal assistant coach to continue the work that Pepe has set even when Pepe can't be around.
Furthermore at only 28 years of age Barry still holds a very high level of tennis
and often plays in the group to help with specific drills and points play. 




· Marko · 

The former Tennis Pro brings a lot of experience to the table - mostly his own but also through his brother Novak. He has been a part of Pepe Imaz’s team for various years now, and is faithful to his special way of understanding tennis and life. 






· Sergio Pérez · 

Sergio is a wonderful human being who used to be a professional player and has been a coach for years, training professional circuit players (ATP) as well as young players.

A few years ago he began to discover himself and to look inwardly, he now shares the knowledge of what helped him, and continues to help him, with the group, coming from his own experience.



Training & accommodation


· The Tennis Club · 
We are exceptionally fortunate to practice out of the prestigious Puente Romano Tennis Club located in Marbella along the Golden Mile. The club boasts 8 world class clay courts, 2 plexipave hard courts,
4 padel tennis courts and a gym. 

· Accommodation · 
We offer all players the possibility of accommodation when they come to practice with us.
The accommodation will either be with one of our coaches or a family closely connected to us.
Accommodated players will be assisted with transport, cooking and washing during their stay.
We also help to find long term solutions for players.