Computers & the perfect technology... Which has always existed!

'Life has brought me to India for a couple of weeks and that means parting "physically" (not from soul) from home and the privilege to physically live with my family.

I am sharing this with anyone who wants it with the utmost respect and a wonderful experience that I'm living these days and which I am currently experiencing.

Today the possibilities of communicating over long distances, thanks to advanced technologies, are enormous. Via telephone, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook etc ...

But I want to share the method I used today and has been a real experience of what we consider real, and this is what I mean;

More real than what we would normally consider is one that brings us closer or to have an experience full of emotions and feelings, right? So one prefers FaceTime (talk while you see one another) rather than simply phone (which is only talking) because it gives you more of this feeling of union with the two senses (hearing and sight) making you feel closer to the other person.

Exactly, that's what brings us closer to the other person through the feelings and emotions.

Well, there is a communication channel (which is what I used today) that makes us feel full intensity (I would say from my experience through which I lived today) that does not need more than a super perfect machine which is available to all human beings regardless of wealth or location.


                YOU yes you you you and only you .....

Using your mind and soul-Heart

Some of you have heard or read about "The Power of Now" book and conferences that have been transmitted by Eckhart Tolle.

It conveys that if you live in the moment the intensity is high and there are also no worries or fears or any negative emotion (if you would like more information you can easily find on YouTube and in the book "The Power of Now)

And that is precisely it, by closing our eyes and connecting with our thoughts to those people with who we want to connect or even with situations that we have experienced or that we want to live !!!

The intensity is total and is very difficult to reach these levels of connection through conventional means we use.

If you realise when we talk by phone or FaceTime or Facebook ..... While we do so it is very likely that we are thinking or doing other things so therefor we are not in the power of now and so the intensity decreases significantly !! !

In addition!!! There is always wifi when we use our !!! SUPER COMPUTER !!!

Instructions for use in case anyone had any little doubt how to use this wonder with which we were born;

1. Close your eyes and through your mind think of those people who you want to communicate to and feel that love which you feel for them.

2. Notice that the thought of them makes you start to feel wonderful emotions and sensations.

3. Open yourself to live these emotions with all their intensity, it's time to use your Soul-Heart

4. Very important step;

THANKFUL THANKFUL THANKFUL, and do not stop the very real experience that you are experiencing, that the intensity will increase to levels unsuspected by the mind but by the Heart Soul levels and it is very likely to come from your eyes tears of happiness .... .

This wonderful experience to live just shows a very valuable lesson;


       !!! THE HUMAN BEING !!!

And so one more reason to be aware of the wonder who you are as a human being and not to shrink away from that great truth trying to get things thinking that will make us better or more valid than others to have them, call it "wins" "possessions" " fame ".....

So do not be misled from the wonder that we are;

    !!! HUMANS !!!

With all my love and respect,

Loving hug & PEACE