Love over Ego

If you wish and feel, I invite you to ponder over this reflection;

'Imagine the power of a mighty river, clean and pure receiving rainwater falling from "heaven".

And now imagine that an infinite number of drops that give life to that river had consciousness and each drop is sick of selfishness and fighting with other drops to be more important and unique than the rest. By doing so creating firms of drops that engage in a war competing against each other to get stronger and faster towards the shore, with the intention of appropriating the total riverbed and thus feeling like queens of the channel.

But what would happen? You would lose more and more drops in these clashes to take charge of the channel which would decrease the amount of water stagnating it and consequently losing freshness causing it to rot. Finally these drops, would come to an end, which in this case is to reach the sea or ocean all together to be re-evaporated by heat and taken back to ‘Heaven’ to be again offered to Mother earth (its rivers, which would be the veins and arteries of the earth. and their land to fertilise next with the sun seeds and provide food to the Beings).

We probably all see that it’s absurd that these drops come into a stupid war of egos as at the end they all would lose (and from the beginning also because from the first moment of anguish to survive a continuous torture of tension, stress and burden would grow.)

Well great, we all see it so clearly with the example of the river when it is infact what we do with our own lives.

We believe that we are independent beings and are separate from one another striving to be different and better from others based on; achievements, possessions, beauty, health, titles etc. To help us achieve this our ego pushes us to do anything to possess any aforementioned thing so we can feel different and better than others. Without realising that all we get is to become even more distant from each other (and make no mistake, believing that we do not belong to that group of which I am part of like family, friends, coworkers ... but ultimately this is to get things to be different, the final war of separation either individually or in groups).

In this universe everything is contagious whether it’s for better or for worse. If the game that we all play is the war to be different and better, we must know that in war everyone loses and the contagion will total at the end. 

However if we understand that we all come from the same origin and are all equal. If we understand, help, listen, accept and LOVE one another these natural acts between us will bring us closer. We need to understand to treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated because in the end, we are the others as well us ourselves, we are all ONE.

We all know the horror of war, murder, contamination of land for economic gain ..... but STOP; We need to stop for a moment and FEEL (not just listen and let it go by taking no responsibility and feeling no pain) the senselessness of war!! What are wars for, why are there wars?? Simply because of pure selfishness to feed egos.

All acts that separate man are full of egoism, if the egoism gets changed to LOVE all these atrocities that we are doing to ourselves will disappear.

!!! It is in our hands to change this !!! By being aware to catch our ego in action and when we catch it to change our act from one of ego to an act of LOVE.

And please do not say;

But it is impossible because society is mounted so.

NO NO NO you can’t say that because it is comfortable to avoid facing our selfishness and lacklusterness. If you change the society now has one less infection and one more healthy soul. Remember that you "spread the bacteria" with such behaviour as you will see happiness and harmony surrounding you as you continue your lifestyle to reach the happiness that results from living with LOVE and leaving your ego.

There are many levels of wars, not just ones with big weapons and bombs even though these may seem the most crude and cruel there are however also smaller ones, using deception or lying. Lying for a sale or a job or looking another way just because we want something even if we see an injustice… Finally we all at one level or another must improve and evolve.

With all my love and respect for myself but honestly, I accept and welcome my imperfection as a human being and I am aware of the ego that still remains in me. I WISH and DECREE to keep changing and installing more and more LOVE in my BEING in order to not pollute any more with my actions.

And with each case and if the same thing happens as it did to me, all my love and support to start or to continue your shift to LOVE.

If you allow me and my respect and affection I send

A hug full of LOVE & PEACE


!!! Amor En La Vida !!!