Do you know the Power of Appreciation?

First of all I would like to say if you allow me; is that you will not believe what you are about to read. However try it if you feel to do so and if it makes sense, perhaps it can help you. There is nothing better than to try and experience things for yourself rather than to just go by what we try to believe and are told. And there's nothing better than feeling our intention and giving something a try because on many occasions our feelings can lead us to many wonderful things.

So if your intention tells you that it’s not worth reading any further, my advice (if you let me) is to stop reading. However if it is the opposite, then I would like to share something with you.

I personally enjoy the power that giving Thanks brings to me so I want to share with you how it can impact your life.

It's very simple to benefit from the power of gratitude, simply .............. give Thanks to anything you've experienced during the day.

Before going to sleep rather than thinking of all the problems that you may have experienced during the day, change that for the moments worthy of giving thanks to, easy, no?

Perhaps many of you say (as I did at first) thing; but what moments are worthy of thanks to if all remember are the bad ones?

Are you sure?

  • Do not remember this morning when you opened your eyes and you could see?
  • That first breath that gives you the oxygen that goes into your blood and from there to all your cells to give life to your whole body?
  • Putting your feet on the floor and moving your legs to take you to the bathroom by yourself totally independent?
  • Turning on a tap and instantly having water to brush your teeth?
  • Feeling accompanied by people living with you?
  • To be able to open a door of what we call a refrigerator or cupboard and grab some food that is going to provide power to enjoy this physical life (which we do several times during the day!!)??
  • Besides having a roof to protect you from the cold rain or wind?
  • And if you're aware that you are much more than a piece of meat and lots of magically assembled bones (the body) and to be a divine and wonderful being where we have a physical experience that gives you the opportunity to evolve and grow?

Maybe not all but certainly some of these experiences have occurred during your day, right? Well all of these things you can give Thanks to at the end of the day; all together to feel gratitude and therefore to fall asleep with a much nicer feeling than complaining and negativity. Therefore giving you a much higher quality of sleep!!!

Without realising it we are educated from young to ask and ask and ask and therefore unable to ever feel like enough is enough. Therefore we focus on asking and obtaining something that we can not get and this is where we get stuck like a broken record never stopping complaining and to be constantly dissatisfied.

Questions do not have positive consequences, they cause us anxiety and stress about trying to get something and IF we get it ..... we still have anxiety and stress for the fear of losing it!!

What a crazy scenario!!!

But when we are thankful, the emotions that are created are ones of satisfaction, calmness and positivity.

We realise what a difference there is between asking and complaining and when we give all the Thanks we can!

However, !!! IT'S UP TO YOU !!! It's your life and its you eventually that these feelings are going to benefit.

If you do decide to try giving Thanks, keep a journal, not of two and half days of you doing it, it has to be a minimum of two weeks (14 days). Be disciplined so every night and each time that you are aware throughout the day, simply give Thanks! Keep a journal of all the things you are thankful for throughout these 14 days.

Let me finish by telling you that the last thing I want is to teach you something or to convince you that what you do is wrong; it is NOT my wish because no one has that right (in my opinion). My only wish is to share something that you can do to make your life and existence to live in greater harmony, peace and tranquility.

But as has been said so before do not believe what you're told, just try it if you feel that maybe it can help you and so that you'll know for sure if giving Thanks has a pleasant and positive impact on our lives. 

But remember that the most most most important thing in the life of any human being is !!! LOVE !!!

If I may say so respectfully and send you a hug filled;