Happy new year & a happy life!

Good evening, Happy New Year and more over, Happy Life!!!

It has come to me this video that I would like to share with you (please ignore the advertising message of the bank, with my respect I would have removed it but I do not know how)

I cried with LOVE for what it has transmitted to me;

It only takes one to play or sing a piece of music. But when you let others help, not wanting to be the protagonist, the beauty that you get is superb !!!

If I asked you; at what point did the music speak to you or touch you the most? Was it at the beginning when he was the only one who played a stringed instrument or at the end when there were many musical instruments merging with one another with the same purpose, including human voices?

Surely everyone will say in the end. Logical!!!

And what is the teaching that brings us as a wonderful gift this video?



And that is LOVE .....

LOVE is union, help ..... Among other things.

And the ego is individuality, separation ..... And other things that lead to pain, suffering and loneliness.

For example when it is too cold in a room, what does a group of people do?

Come together to make warmth !!!

When the football of two children lands on a roof, what do they do? 

Probably one gets on the others shoulders so that they can get on the roof and collect the ball !!!

And now I ask myself and I ask you;

Would it not be better to live in any context of our daily lives from this union and with unity in order to advance harmoniously in our evolution or awakening as human beings?

So if the answer is YES, which it is. Let us begin this year in order to be mindful that our ego does not govern our acts wanting to be unique (only one is synonymous with being isolated and alone in your top and that's what the ego seeks to make you believe you need to be unique. That you will be happier and what you get is a feeling that seemingly at first is happy, but which is only really euphoria to give way after fear and consequently stress, anguish, anxiety and loneliness.)

We should live for what we like but not for being better or unique, but to enjoy what we like to do, without being disconnected from all other human beings around us !!!

If you like the violin, play the violin!!!

If you like the cello, play the cello!!!

If you like to singing, sing!!!

If you’re good at it and you like directing, then conduct the orchestra !!!

There are no better positions than others!!!

There are only different and diverse instruments and actions so that you make the most of what resonates with you and that you enjoy!!!

That is all!!!

In the video, one playing the violin, one cello, one ..... One is responsible for directing, but none of them is more valuable than the other !!! THEY ARE ALL ONE !!!

That is the point!!! WE ARE ALL ONE!

I sincerely hope this is the beginning 2016, of the remaining years to go forth in your life, you live it from that consciousness of oneness with everyone and everything.

I send you a hug filled with love & respect and UNION PEACE !!!

    !!!WE ARE ALL ONE!!!

    2016 but mostly HAPPY REST OF YOUR LIFE LIVED IN UNION .....

    I LOVE YOU, I LOVE ME ..... because we are all ONE