I'll just go back two thousand years, but it could be more...

I wish you LOVE, PEACE, happiness and harmony .....

I feel and want to share with the utmost respect this feeling and thinking you;

I'll just go back two thousand years but it could be more.

Since then humanity has evolved greatly externally. It has invented the revolver, rifle, printing, car, motorcycle, telephone, Internet ..... So we travel into space !!!

But within ourselves, we are in a total involution !!!

Two thousand years ago, we killed between us and continue to do so today ..............

PLEASE TAKE HALF MINUTE TO REALLY FEEL THIS….We continue killing ourselves..........


Everything that has been invented is for external purposes and to nourish our ego if we think about it. Everything is for our comfort and well-being of our physical body.

And what about our other body? The Self-Soul-Spirit?

How long have we dedicated to know each other as human beings? And to become aware of our shortcomings as beings, to "invent" to "discover" more about our inner-selves? To explore and discover our needs as human beings?

As individuals we are all day watching shortcomings or virtues (things that we believe are shortcomings or virtues) that we have, that we’re missing all on a social level, all to value ourselves from our ego. Do I have power? Am I well known? Am I respected? Because of my work "conquests" or materials?

But what about our Self-Soul-Spirit?

Do we look deep inside ourselves?

It is tremendous that we continue like thousands of years ago !!! Unconscious and "illiterate" in that aspect of us selves. It educate ourselves to understand that everything revolves around money as the epicentre and primary focus of our lives.

We can watch with humility and love, without judgment, and we realise the time we devote to "succeed" as individuals and that we have forgotten to "succeed" as HUMAN BEINGS.

Because we do not start to look inward and see all those fears, selfishness ..... Inhabiting us? Then to be aware as a first step to later then transform into thoughts, emotions and feelings in harmony, pure and beautiful !!!

A path (in my opinion, and my opinion is just that with love and respect I share with you) that is going to help tremendously is being aware of the Divine wonderful and perfect that we all are!!! And perfect from our inner being and not from the individual ego.

Being aware of our Divine as Beings that we shall not pretend to be something we don’t really want to be !!!

You're not (for instance) Juan, electrician, with a house of 100m2 that has so much money in the bank and a car brand xy ... etc etc etc ......... DO NOT!!!

you are not the label !!! But we are in total unconsciousness and believing that we live it in the eyes of others !!! DO NOT!!!

What we really are is a Divine Being trying to be aware of it and remember the wonder that everyone is!!! 7 billion of us every bit as perfect beings and Divine. Don’t fall into the temptation of being slaves allies outwardly but inwardly.

By this I do not mean that money is evil and an enemy, no. Money is a necessary and useful in the society in which we live, of course, so you have to respect and appreciate that. But we can not put it as a master of our lives ahead of our being, instead of having our service to help us physically live three-dimensionally in order to focus on our great lack as humanity for thousands of years is to love and respect us together. And then you go on killing remain as primitive as we were.

We are educated from all sides with the premise that the primary way in this life are the property and we are trained from childhood to spend eight or more hours to achieve that end.

But think !!! We still remain like thousands of years ago !!! We live in a culture of fear !!! Or a fear to not have or fear of losing what we have !!!

But that's from the outside. Because if we are aware of what we are internally !!! Wonderful divine Beings, that we do not have to try and find because we are intrinsically the human being that we are, and not afraid to lose it, because it is impossible. All we have to do is spend time watching ourselves to remember and rediscover the magic and Divine Being that we ALL are!!!

And quite sure that from this awareness Humanity will discover the greatest truth;


The killings among us has no place in our society and will be replace by peace and harmony.

But to do this we must start by looking inward and stop being sheep following a system that praises the money as the main reason for existence.

Why in the same way that we talk about killing each other (that would be the end) we could speak to deceive, betray, hate ..... between us for the sole purpose of feeding and decorating my illusory "label" of who I am. !!! WAKE UP !!!

Let us not be manipulated and think for ourselves and not be misled by the illusory idea that the outside will give us the true happiness. Only the truth to be aware of the Divine Being that we are will make you feel the calm and tranquility that you are looking outside for.

All at one level or another we have lived. We fight (note the word, we fight) for something we want believing that obtaining it will bring us the happiness and if you find it quickly you will ow be looking for something else to bring you the feeling.

HAPPINESS is already in you !!! But it is within you and you will get it when you connect with that great truth;


And as always it is the love way that will make us begin to respectand love ourselves so that we can do the same to others.

I send you a hug of LOVE & PEACE filled with the desire to look inwards a couple of times a day while being aware of what we all have in there (something that can not be explained but only felt .....)