We are not simply animals

I want to share some thoughts and feeling with all my respect for those who want to receive;

Can you imagine eating rotten food, what would happen in our bodies? Or infected food?

Nobody would think to do it?

But yet for our soul, every time we judge or act from selfishness we are doing the same thing!!! It suffers!!! It hurts!!! It is indigestible and when it happens regularly our soul writhes in pain ..... And that the soul of the person who we have prosecuted or relieved our selfishness upon also suffers !!!

And the most terrible thing is that we are not aware of what those acts cause in our souls, consequently in our bodies and in our minds .....

We are not aware that without realising it we act like animals with only primary actions and thoughts with no consciousness !!!

And do not fall into the mistake of saying that phrase which is so often repeated;

"If in the end we are animals"

!!! That's unconscionable !!!


We can agree that we have a physical body like the animals but there is something human beings have the animal do not. CONSCIOUSNESS, but if that separates us from the animals, our consciousness, if we live with it turned off then yes; we are just like animals.

So I ask and I ask myself not to live in unconsciousness with those unique primary desires directed by ego and instead become aware of that Divine Being full of love that we are; so not to act under the direction of our ego to any person and in any situation !!!

If you have sensitivity (and I know that you do because you are a human) it would certainly move you if you saw the miss treatment of a horse being underfed day after day still being forced to carry great amounts of weight covering long distances. The owner continuing to force the horse to work for his own gain, ego and selfishness. This would surely make you feel emotions of pity and compassion for the horse right?

But this is what we do to ourselves? We continuously self harm and continuous demand, daily constant trials and endless flogging .....

And of course we do it to others too, demanding, judging, using them for our own ego.

Do you see the unconsciousness with which we try and treat ourselves and others?

Please take consciousness of Divinity that we all are.

It's appalling what we do to each other and it starts with ourselves !!!

Therefore start from now to become aware that we are not animals and not to treat one another as such. We are human beings and when that consciousness awakens in us not only among humans but also to treat all other forms of life (animals and nature) with LOVE.

I feel so deeply to tell you that I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOU and that any unconscious act you may have committed SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY And both to you and to myself .....


With respect and affection I send you a hug full of love & PEACE and Consciousness !!!

   I LOVE YOU.....