Thank you Novak for always promoting LOVE when you have the chance

Good Morning full of LOVE & PEACE !!!

When a number one "wins" a tournament it’s something we could say is relatively normal, (the word “win” always with quotation marks because it is really not won or lost, but already through experience does one learn and grow). But for a "character" of that size do, to say or show something about love is very unusual and strange. This time Novak gives a nod of recognition to LOVE !!! Increasingly aware of the importance of Love in our lives !!!

THANK YOU Novak for always promoting LOVE when you have the chance.

But best of all is that it does not take a character/celebrity to show love in our daily actions !!! YOU and ME, we can do it too !!!

At the end LOVE is to be aware that we are all one, pushing the illusion that the ego makes us believe that we are different and we have to prove this to each other. Just to write it makes me feel like I’m vibrating under the craziness of trying to be different from another People, being both he (the other human being) like me, divine and wonderful human beings !!!

There is nothing better or higher than being human being !!! So it makes no sense to live under unconsciousness, the ego pushes us to believe that we can and must be "better" than another Human Being.

I invite you (if you wish) to close your eyes for a few seconds and feel the magnificence and Divinity you are which resides within you ..... Just as in the rest of all mankind !!!

A Big Hug full of LOVE & PEACE.


         I LOVE YOU.....