The unity of the male & female energy

Good morning full of love and joy to all !!!

A few minutes ago I listened to the personal history of an Afghan woman from when she as a child (now 30) on the treatment of women, she has awakened in me a deep feeling of compassion and understanding for her soul and person and so I felt to share something with all of you who wish to receive it.

As always, first of all I must say that it is my feeling and my opinion and I do not intend to make anyone feel and think the same way. My only wish is to share something that has helped me grow a little more in my day as a Human Being.

Imagine a bicycle, divided into the steel frame on one side and the wheels on the other, imagine the absurdity if one had to work by its self separate to the other. Imagine that each part of the bicycle was trying to be trying to be the most important part. The result would being a bicycle but in two separate parts with both wanting to transport a person (the iron frame on side and the two wheels on the other) but because of their unconsciousness and misunderstanding (promoted by the ego) they are not able to transport anyone.

But if these two parts UNITE being aware that they are part of the same thing, it is then when they can realise their true purpose !!!

This is so easy to understand, yet it is what happens to men and women.

Let me share this thought/opinion;

The Human Being is Man-Woman. It is true that it may be in the "form" of a man or "form" of a women. But in both cases it is the female and male energy. If man will be more of masculine energy, but also have a female part (say 70% male and 30% female) and vice versa in the case of a woman.

It could be said that the male energy is a pragmatic, mental energy, among its most abundant characteristics. And the feminine energy is more related to sensitivity, intuition and empathy.

When separated they are both lame !!! But united they become perfection!!!

Women (with more feminine energy in full) are responsible for being MOTHERS with greater capacity for empathy, understanding, tenderness, ability to intuit, to welcome those new souls coming into life. But without the masculine energy with their mental-organised mind they will give a different type of support. After the child has grown they will give a more three-dimensional day-to-day security and without that male energy it would take away what the child’s soul needs.

Well in this society if we think about, and in some countries more than others, but generally it encourages competition and therefore separation between the two!!! It’s as if to separate the wheels and the frame but still try to create the perfect bike. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! And then one party despises the other and vice versa without realising that it means the bike can never ride!!!

!!! WE ARE ONE !!!

And that means that both ENERGIES, Men and Women, are equally important and it is the union and balance of both peace and harmony in humanity!!!

One is no more important than the other, both are essential but its true power comes together to create the Harmony !!!

Is it true that mothers have a special ability to maintain a home with harmony and organisation? They understand the child on the one hand and on the other hand the father is so important to her in her home. She has that sensitivity and empathy to understand and try to harmonise the home. As a father (male energy) when there is a situation that we must show firmness and strength to someone or something unjust, they show firmness and strength to balance the mothers energy.


At the end we understand that both women and men have to be in unity and harmony not faced with sexism or feminism.

If we find that balance that is what will harmonise our homes, nations and planet.

To the female energy you must not only give space but ask it to guide us with its sensitivity and intuition coupled with more mental and earthy masculine energy we will live in a more comprehensive and humane manner.

Because a human being is feminine and masculine energy.

So there are men and women in union and harmony to create a wonderful world-home!!!

So get the tools (ie what is in your power to do on your part) and begin to attach the bicycle frame with the wheels for therefore.............. !!! everything runs smoothly !!!

With all my respect and love I send you a hug full of

         LOVE PEACE

Long live the Men and Women, Women and Men as energy just created to the whole Divine and Wonderful.