Love in the Olympics

I wish you a good day full of hope for change in each of us and therefore in the WORLD !!!

You've probably seen this video .....


And so words are unnecessary…..

If i had a business I would not hesitate to make the biggest contract ever seen for these two athletes for providing us with such an example of LOVE coming straight from the soul. Without even thinking it just came out of them!

This humanity is ¡AWAKENING!! And yourself reading this are also awakening! It is within you the instinct of love that you are increasingly seeing around you!

I send you a hug full of love & PEACE and try to feel it and send it outwards to everyone because that is the highest medal that one can get .....

LOVE in our lives and in our actions over the poisonous ego.

Besides this medal is one that everyone can get !!! Without any contests !!! You simply just have to wish for it and it will be yours !!!

Because we have it within us !!!

Long live the Olympics of LOVE !!!

These ones should be celebrated every day !!! And always played at home!!!

I LOVE YOU ..... We are all Olympians !!! Let our race be to the installation of love in our lives !!!

Heartily Congratulations to all the athletes who have achieved the medal of metal that they have so desired, also those who have tried but without getting it. And above all CONGRATULATIONS to you for every day trying to live more and more from love !!! with your actions, your words, with your eyes ..... Because this is what changes humanity ….. a medal made from metal may create some positive things but it does not have the ability to change humanity .....

With all my respect and love ..... I LOVE ME in order to LOVE YOU from my heart unconditionally .....