How do we live our lives?

………………Most people would probably agree that Life is the most important and precious thing we have, since without it everything that surrounds us or everything we love wouldn’t exist. And if this is so, how do you live, what is the most important thing in your life (as its called your life)?

What I put forward here is nothing more than sharing what I feel, after a reflection on things and what I believe helps me personally. I share it with you with the maximum amount of Respect and Affection without pretending to teach you anything.

As we know already, the Human Being is a physical body that is home to a Soul, Spirit or energy. On one side we have the body which is stimulated through the 5 senses, which we wish to be as pleasant as possible.

And on the other side, we have an energy body Soul or Spirit (however you feel most comfortable in calling it or understanding it) which is the deepest most intimate part of our Being……

And so, coming back to the question “How do you live your Life”??

If we observe ourselves introspectively with honesty and sincerity we will probably see that we spend a huge amount of our time trying to stimulate our 5 senses. If this is the case, we can see that the ego will put itself at the head of our actions like a director or captain and will constantly look for action, things, objects, people…. to “nurture” or feed the 5 senses, almost as if it were taking a drug or totally addicted. Every time it needs more of these things or objects and with greater intensity, which makes us a slave to them and pushes us to live exclusively for them.

But in saying that, everyone has lived the amazing feeling we get when we do something for another person, however small it may be, maybe helping an elderly person to cross the road or unintentionally having shared something with someone in a conversation that they really appreciated and even greater things!!! 

Remember the feeling that it produced in you? How good you felt right? Also when we love someone close to us (like a son or daughter, or workmate or friend…) we can feel or recognize it right? This is when the Soul, Being or Spirit is being nourished…..

This feeling is incomparable to any other feeling you could get through one of your 5 senses, right? 

And so if this is true, wouldn’t it be a good idea to do things so that the Soul can receive nourishment and vibrate making us feel amazingly good???

Lets overview the last week and see how many things i did for my ego, feeding my 5 senses and how many acts of LOVE I had towards myself or others around….without judging ourselves, only observing with LOVE…..

We wish to see things how we want instead of LOVING and respecting everything as it is.

We wish to LISTEN to what we want to hear, and like, and if not we get angry, instead of LOVING (RESPECTING and ACCEPTING) what one says to us even though we might not agree with it….. Its like this with an infinite amount of things!!! How are we ever going to be in Peace and Harmony???

It’s a daily fight to try to “feed” my 5 senses what they need in order to give me “small amounts” of euphoria, which can be confused with Happiness…

Happiness awakens in us when there is LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) towards the things and circumstances that occur in our Lives…

But be careful!!! This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t wish for nice things to happen, of course that is the intention and wish but if they don’t occur we can still give LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) to the situation. By doing this our Lives become more Harmonious and the calmness comes about much easier!!!

If we observe, when a person judges or criticizes another, one of the things they would like is for that other person to change, because he doesn’t like how he behaves. But if he would put LOVE towards this situation, first of all he wouldn’t be influenced by how that person behaves, and Thanks to the Respect and Acceptance (LOVE) he wouldn’t feel bad or with negative feelings and the Calmness and Happiness can continue to be in his Being!!!

If I get angry or protest about something I didn’t get, or something that happened, I will feel bad. If I Accept what isn’t to be this time, with LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) I will live that situation with Calmness and Harmony!!!

If we stop for a second and observe the society in which we live, we can see that it provokes us to live through the senses and even worse than that, in one way or another, it mocks or ridicules those that try to live in LOVE Respect Acceptance, branding them subtly or directly as gullible, as a dreamer or strange or even crazy or dangerous……

And those that follow the word of the ego in order to achieve “success” are rewarded or idolized.

But watch out!!! If we believe that we are better people for seeing things with LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) then we would be judging and doing the same thing in another way…. be careful!! The ego is very tricky….it always wants to judge and put itself above those with different opinions of how to live LIFE……

If you allow me, I would like to propose one thing;

What do you think that starting from now!!! We make a decision to do three things (minimum, but the more the better it will be for you) each day with LOVE, in order to nurture our Being-Soul-Spirit. It can be through an action for another person or even picking up a bottle that we see on the ground and by picking it up I help all my neighbours in the town, but the thing that will help us the most, and others around, is to not judge anyone for doing something we don’t agree with. We can continue without agreeing with it but at the same time not judging it!!! For sure this will make us live a happier more harmonious Life!!! And in some way help to contribute in changing our society and world.


If you are up for it and would like to copy paste and send it to everyone you feel like , putting your own signature or spin on it then feel free to do so. Or the signature of Humanity, or whatever, its not important, the important thing is that we become more and more aware of how we want to Live our Lives….

- From the 5 senses and the ego as the leader or captain.

-….or with LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) and so the 5 senses don’t dominate or control us but instead we ENJOY WITH THEM……which is their true purpose…..

I wish to send you, if you allow me, all my LOVE (Respect and Acceptance) especially to those who may think or believe that what I have shared here is stupid or complete nonsense….

 Thank you


  Amor & Paz