Morning Choices

Today is a new day and in you, you have the possibility to live it in two ways;

  • Loving yourself or hating yourself 

  • Being grateful or complaining

  • Respecting or judging

  • Being generous or greedy

  • Caressing or hitting

  • Being honest or lying

Which do you decide?

You choose…

I know that you’re a wonderful Human Being and you do too!

Don’t let your illusory ego fool you and make you bitter for your life will be diminished!!!

Live unfolding your light in every thought, word and action towards you and others. You will see how your life and circumstance will notice the change!!!

If you’ll allow me, let me tell you that I LOVE YOU… and I’m not scared to say it! 

Hopefully, you too, can say it anytime you feel. It will help not only you, but the person receiving it too…

Don’t wait! Do it in any moment Life gives you…