The Subject of Love

Good afternoon full of happiness!!!

I feel to share this feeling I have to any one that wishes, as always it’s from my maximum respect and LOVE…

Let’s talk about partners, but not just the sentimental partners, two friends can also be partners, father and son, mother and daughter, including the colleagues with whom we work…

At the beginning, when two people are strongly attracted, we usually believe there is a love between them, but what are we calling love?

Sometimes, without anything happening, you can feel something very nice towards another person, sometimes you want to spend every moment with that person. So we say “Uff, I love them so much”

But with time the force of attraction, which you didn’t know where it came from, seems to weaken and it becomes unclear why suddenly it’s fading. A person can give just as they were before but it’s not to the same effect, it can become uncomfortable or even un-tolerable to be in that relationship due to things that they may say or do. Sometimes the relationships even comes to an end. 

(Evidently in the case of a relationship between parents & children, it has to reach a very extreme point to make that happen, but it can still happen and it does happen…)

Maybe sometimes we confuse LOVE with attraction or with personal gains that certain relationships can bring us, be it sentimental, friendships, paternal/maternal, colleagues…

But what is LOVE? Perhaps it will help us to clarify what LOVE is. 

(I return to insist that this is my feeling to share, it’s not to pretend to show, teach or convince anybody.) 

Honestly, I feel that LOVE, is something that we are still far from fully understanding. 

Theoretically, I would say that LOVE is you, that wonderful and divine Being that you are! If we are not totally conscious of the fact, then it’s difficult to try and understand and spread it to others.

But something that for me personally has helped me to understand and experience it in my life was to simplify it more and bring it to a more everyday level, and that was to feel that LOVE started in respecting myself, accepting myself, and being grateful towards myself. 

Respect every ‘fault’ I perceived in me, accept it, and then beyond protesting and judging I would be grateful for it and appreciate it. Because thanks to that annoying and uncomfortable ‘fault’ a gift would be left that would help me to evolve as a person and bring me closer to my essence as a Divine Human.

With that, I feel that LOVE is respect, acceptance and gratitude. 

LOVE = respect + acceptance + gratitude.

Going back to the relationships…

If we observe the sentimental ones;

There is an explosion of attraction that anesthetises me of anything that happens, everything is fine, until that explosion is diluted, therefore ending the anaesthesia, with that, the disappointments begin, the ‘you should haves’, the injustices towards me. The partners will nearly always reach the impossibility to be able to live together and share each other’s lives.

If we take a closer look, we will see that in that relationship in no moment was LOVE the primary engine. First, it was the chemical explosion and when that was over, the ego takes control on both sides (little does it matter that one sides ego was heavier than the other, in the end, both pursued the same thing, moulding the other to a desire so that it suited whoever best).

In a couple’s relationship (albeit sentimental, friendship, work, family…) is where we can learn most from our ‘faults’. Because what I perceive in the other that annoys me is the reflection of what really lives in me in some way in my life. If that’s so then I do not like me.

If we observe ourselves with courage, without any protective shield, we will be able to observe, little by little, that what bothered me or bothers me about that person is in one way, shape or form, in me (even if it’s at another level and intensity) and its very probable that I ignored it at the beginning, just like I did with myself. I am certain that I have a lot of things to improve, so when that happens where you get irritated by someone in some way, you have to observe yourself without a shield to see what degree of it you have in you. 

That’s why the most important thing in a relationship is the LOVE between both parties. 

It’s to say that RESPECT towards the other and their ‘faults’ paired with ACCEPTANCE towards them and their ‘faults’, I believe, makes the fundamental building block to then be able to travel a path together and THANKS to that, you will grow as Human Beings and people!

A couple’s relationship is where we can grow the most. Seeing with LOVE the ‘faults’ of others and recognising them in you. 

Like this, you can give THANKS to them because thanks to them, you learnt, grew and evolved as Human Beings. 

So if we could break down the true meaning of I LOVE YOU it would be like this;

I RESPECT you just as you are.

I ACCEPT you just as you are.

I am GRATEFUL for being able to grow next to you. 

That is what I felt to share with you all, with my maximum RESPECT & LOVE to you. 

That is why whether or not you judge me as a person and all that I have shared with you, I LOVE YOU in the same way, because I RESPECT you and I ACCEPT your opinion or way of feeling and thinking.

If we look when there is LOVE in relationships, there is no possibility or room to have conflict!!!


P.S I spoke of normal circumstance because we know that there are relationships where it is best to finish them and leave.

That is also LOVE because one that LOVES & RESPECTS herself leaves no room for someone to disrespect them. 

From my soul, I wish to tell all my relationships that I LOVE them with everything I have. 

And in a special way to the teacher with whom I share my life… 

I love you Karina… 

LOVE = Respect + Acceptance + Appreciation

If you’ll let me…