Good evening full of happiness!

With all my respect, I share this feeling for whoever feels and wishes... 

Ayyyy… if you knew who you are…

Ayyyy… if you knew what you are… 

Never again would you do things you didn’t want to you wouldn’t live like a slave to others talking or acting in a certain way so that they accept, flatter or praise you… 

Because all of you are pure LIGHT and Divinity!

Beyond your body there is an infinite Being in all the senses…

Do you know what abundance is?

Abundance is something that never ends. Meanwhile a lot of other things have an end!!!

Besides, abundance comes from our connection with the infinite Being that we are!!!

Whereas a lot is the product of the ego (egoistic and insensitive) that only wants to accumulate and accumulate, believing that it is more than others… that is unconsciousness!!!

Abundance is Generous!!!

The ego is selfish and hoarding. 

Abundance gives tranquillity because it is infinite!

The ego subsists and lives in a sea of fears to stop accumulating even more and losing what has already been achieved… 

The ego seeks to monopolize and seize friends, material objects, titles, triumphs, more beauty… 

(In addition to all that entails a very high toll payment of unhappiness and physical illness).

Our Being in infinite and Abundant while our ego-body is finite and limited… 

Then why not live from the self? 

Because from the moment we came to this world we were taught to become completely involved with our body, making us forget our true essence that is our Being-Soul-Spirit-Energy.

Maybe you’re saying, ok, I understand what I you’re saying and I feel like it is so, but how do I reconnect and live from my being???

If that is the case, let me share something from the maximum respect and affection towards you:

- Visualise an ocean… if you separate a drop of ocean with a dropper, what you really have in that dropper is a portion of the ocean, right? And that drop has the same components as the ocean, right? 

If the drop is still separated from the ocean, it will lose all the infinity and Abundance that it has- until it reconnects and unites the ocean again, right? 

Using that example, your Being-Soul-Energy is a drop of the Source of which we are all a part. And that Source is pure and total Abundance from which everything originates, it is absolute LOVE!!! Full of generosity and a giver of energy to everything that exists!

It depends on us, if guided by the ego, we separate ourselves trying to be different from the other droplets/souls and consequently, we lose our abundance and/or awareness of what we really are and thus to be able to thrive in our Abundance!!!

And how do we do it???

… Through LOVE!!! The source or Origin is absolute LOVE and if we begin to tune in with that energy of LOVE in us, like a magnet, we will meet again with our Ocean-Origin-Absolute Love, returning to be connected with that Divinity and LOVE what we really are!!!

And for this we have to start, here and now in our daily life, from the smallest daily actions, focusing on doing them from LOVE and not from the ego. 

The ego has taught us to;

  • Protect and protest.

  • Never be satisfied with ourselves and/or with what surrounds us, pushing us to demand more.

  • Lying and cheating to create or maintain a status above the rest. 

  • Betray, if necessary in order to continue having more and more… whether material or contacts or friendships.

  • To obtain all kinds of achievements-triumphs-titles-medals, at the expense of what has been said before, in order to demonstrate how separate and different I am from the populace and how special and admirable I am.

However, LOVE is a continuum;

  • Respect and Acceptance towards myself and others.

  • Acknowledgement and Gratitude to everything although I do not like it because I know that I can learn and grow from that.

  • Greaten towards myself and others.

  • Comprehension towards myself and others… 

And the closer we get to LOVE and bring it to our lives, the more Abundance will reach us!

Because it is from infinite LOVE where Abundance arises that therefore also is infinite!

LOVE = Abundance

Let’s put LOVE in our Lives so that Abundance accompanies us!!!

Everything shared here is simply a feeling that is shared from the maximum Respect without trying or pretending to teach or make anyone believe that it is so.

If someone who comes to you does not share the feeling then, Absolute respect and LOVE to them because there is nothing more beautiful in this Life than to share feelings and opinions, far from trying to convince or bring reason, this is a matter of the ego and personally I do not want it in my life.

If you’ll allow me, close your eyes for a few seconds and if you wish you will receive this INFINITE hug and ABUNDANT and full of LOVE…