To you, Grand Master-Child, don’t let society shape you at its whim…

To you Adult, regain your freedom and return to be the Grand Master that you were and still are inside…

Full of Freedom, Joy, excitement and desire to live!

With nothing but respect and LOVE, I share to those who feel to read it;

-It is not the same to know about something than to know something;

Knowing brings you the theory of something either through books or people. Books that were written by someone who may have learnt it through other books. Or through people that other people pass on information to who then pass it on to you. 

In the best case, the writer of the book or the person who passes the information has the Knowledge from personal experience and this made them soak up their own experiences through which they lived emotions and feelings that have made them obtain the knowledge first hand. 

That will make what you transmit reach you more deeply, but it will not be the same as if you experience it…right?

If this sits well with you, then you will agree that it always contributes and means more to know something, through personal experience, rather than to know it through others. 

Let’s write this down here to link it later… 

On one hand, 

We see that when you plant a watermelon seed, the consequence is that in a few months you will receive a watermelon and not a potato. If what you want is a potato you will then have to plant the appropriate seed for to then receive a potato… right?

Let’s also leave this reflection here to recover it later…

And I say to society… you could have left me alone and not train me and conform me to a textbook and be just the same as the rest. I don’t want to fit your mold. I don’t want to serve you and whilst doing that believing that I am fortunate to be even able to live this way because you have prepared me for it. Am I supposed to believe that my whole life is just to be able to have a job that gives me something to eat?

Why do you not let me be what I want, feel and desire. Why don’t you let me take out that magic that’s inside of me and plant the seeds that we all have? You bring us so much fear about the Magic that is in me (and that’s in the rest of all Human Beings).

Why, since I was a kid, did you grab me with your claws and inoculated your control virus and begin to manipulate me?

So strong and great is my potential that from an early age you started to tie me up and train me emotionally?

You, society, you have mounted your circus very well, your tentacles are scattered everywhere in daily life. Everything is very well tied.

That is why you insist so much that we all look for and need the same. 

Because if all of us in general are more or less cut by the same cloth, then it’s easier for you to direct-manage-control the “cattle”, truth?

What would happen if everyone was independent and did what his interior-Being makes him feel? Well, you would start having many problems, right?

Don’t try to cheat me with your entanglements by making me believe that we are free and that everyone can do what they want and like, because it is not like that! 

Society, let me tell you something…

Imagine a very large building. On each floor of the building there are many rooms in which to develop and there are different activities and things to do within. You make me believe that I am free to choose between those hundreds of activities and things, but I tell you…

What I want is to not be a prisoner in this building. Since I was born, you have made me believe that it is the only thing that exists!!! I want to go out and be Free!!! I want to do what I feel and want!!!

But you have locked the exit of the building. Your key that closes the lock is called fear. But I have discovered the key that opens it! It’s called RELEASING ME OF FEAR!!! 

But to be able to find it, to even know that it exists, I have to arrive through something more important… LOVE!!!

Understanding LOVE as Respect, Acceptance and Gratitude. 

You, society, has made me believe that only in this “great building” you created is the “good life”, although I have really realised that it is the slave Life. Everyone, somehow in some way shape or form has believed in you. In believing in you, you have must us in constant fear, needing constant approval and false reassurance. Still (although not for a long time), there is a majority that believes in what you have told us: that you have to try to excel in the “big building” and have to have more and be more than the others to receive the praise and attention that will make us feel very good. Because of that, when someone discovers your Big Lie and tries to get the key to leave the PRISON that you have set up, the rest of those who still believe that this “big building” is the only thing that exists and that they’re very free inside of it and able to go to any floor or room inside of it. Will make us feel crazy, and they’ll make us feel judged and rejected that will make you think twice and full of doubts. 

But if I learn to LOVE and Respect myself I will not need the approval of others and then I can take the key that is called “RELEASE ME FROM FEARS” and then open the door and finally be free, doing what I FEEL AND WISH TO EXPERIENCE AND THEN KNOWING MORE AND MORE!!! Above all, I will be able to know more about myself to be able to get closer to that Divine and Wonderful Human Being I and all of us are. 

-Do we realise the social suffocation that there is from ‘what will they say and think?’? 

  • I have to behave like this… to be accepted.

  • I have to dedicate myself to this or the other so that they respect me.

  • I have to have more and be more than the others in order to feel good. 

  • Even if I do not like what I do, I have to continue doing it for my status above others.

  • If I am lucky enough to dedicate myself to what I like, then I have to dedicate many hours to get the maximum benefit and demonstrate (TO OTHERS) how much I am worth, even if it means spending less time with my family and the people I love.

After all this, a reflection comes;

If I am an adult, would it not be good to start letting go of all that training I received as a child? AT MY OWN RHYTHM AND HOWEVER IT’S POSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO SO.

Remember that the solution is to free myself from fears through LOVING MYSELF, Respecting and Accepting myself, so as to not depend on what others think about me…

If as an adult you are able to do it, you will give the greatest gift to those Grand Masters that are possibly your sons, daughters, nieces or nephews. 

Some of the many things that society uses to prevent us expanding our inner Being and Magic are:

… you have no right to express yourself and if you dare do so, you will receive judgement for not doing what “in theory” is correct.

… you have to do what I tell you at every moment, now laugh, now say hello, now be quiet, now go from here to play… and then you will be a good child. 

… makes us be slaves of others, listening to these things from other people who are very trapped in the “big building”.

Through you, I have to be happy, you are my Joy so do everything that makes me happy. The virus of dependence on others is a contagious one.

… do not express your emotions. If you cry, I will tell you not to cry so you will not be relieved. If you are sad, I will make you feel bad for being in that state, even though it is so Human and necessary at times. If you’re happy, I will make you feel guilty for being so. 

… you have to be more and better than the others, but at the same time, you’re a failure and a nobody. 

Would you like to be YOURSELF and do what you really want (logically respecting the space and freedom of others) and experience this in your life?


From now on, express what you truly feel and think!

Do what you’d really like to do!

Do not allow anyone to interfere in your decisions physically nor emotionally (which are often even more powerful).

Perhaps you feel that today is difficult, or even, very difficult right?

You know why?

Prepare to hear it… 

Because you are (to a greater or lesser extent) society.

It is you who limits your freedom. It is you who has locked yourself in the key of fear. 

But it’s also you who can open it starting with…




You’re a Divine and Wonderful Human Being!!! Never forget it!!!

If LOVE is born out of RESPECT & ACCEPTANCE towards yourself, you will soon begin to not need so many opinions of you from others. 

Going back to the beginning of this writing; 


  • WHEN YOU PLANT THE METAPHORICAL SEED, ALLOW IT TO FLOWER WITHOUT OBSESSING OVER WHEN ITS GOING TO BE READY AND WHAT IT’S GOING TO LOOK LIKE. This applies in the same way as doing something and letting the outcome arrive without trying to control it, as opposed to being nervous about outcomes etc. Do it because you feel it, and then let it be for life will arrange everything. 

This is the best lesson, much more than what the fear may have been before doing the action and the quarrel for having done it. 


I wanted to end by saying that this writer puts Acceptance and Respect on the top of his list, with all the wonderful faults that he carries with him. He is so grateful to be transforming them by transmuting them and freeing them…

Also, needless to say that this is only just feeling that passes to opinion and then is shared with only those who desire it. It is only to share and in no way teach. 

If you’ll allow me, I send you an infinite hug full of Respect, Affection and LOVE…